10 Tips for Prom Prep

First of all, buy two dresses. Decide which one you like best and return the other while you still can. Then, roughly two weeks before prom, decide you hate your chosen dress and buy two more. Oh and remember to order the one you haven't tried on in two sizes, just in case. That equals five dresses.


I'll show you which one I picked in a post-prom post, or on Instagram tonight as prom is TODAY.

So during the dress dilemma, there is a bunch of other stuff you need to consider: hair, makeup, nails, clutch bag, shoes - flats or heels?! Should I do my makeup myself or pay a makeup artist? Fake eyelashes or natural? SMOKY EYES OR EYELINER WHICH ONE DO I PICK?! And don't get me started on the issue that is fake tan.

Here is how I went about the above matters:

  1. Pinterest is your best friend for makeup and hair. However, keep in mind that your hairdresser may not know how to create this sort of thing, so keep a couple of options in mind. Check out my Prom Hair & Makeup board for some pinspiration.
  2. If you are getting your makeup done by a stranger and are panicking like I am even though they are a qualified makeup artist, leave time to redo it yourself just in case. I am interested to see how they tackle my ghostly pale skin as I have trouble myself for foundation etc.
  3. Most hair salons also offer nail services which a couple of my friends are having done. I however am testing out my Copper Pink Nails so am about to go and paint a design I have planned out. Fingers crossed none fall off during the night (or at least before photos are taken).
  4. For a clutch bag, you may already have one which will go with your dress. That's great for you. I only have one clutch so splashed out on a fancy one from Accessorize which should hold everything I want to take: camera, phone, lipbalm, keys, kirby grips, powder, tiny perfume bottle, hipflask. (just joking I have some class.)
  5. I spent forever trying to get a pair of gorgeous shoes from Topshop in my size but alas I left it too late and they were out of stock. Searching similar keywords on Google and ASOS however I managed to find a very similar pair that are much more comfortable. Hurrah! My heels are 4.5 inches which sounded a lot to me as I have never really worn heels, but they are very easy to walk in as long as I take it slowly. Top tip: if you don't want to wear heels, get a long dress that you can hide Converse underneath. You're welcome.
  6. If you do get heels, I highly recommend testing them out an evening before. Even if it is just while hoovering your living room or on a night out, it's good to know your heels aren't going to break at prom. Oh and try not to get the heels stuck inbetween your floor boards like I did.
  7. Final note about shoes: when I tried mine out at a party, I had an area the next day where the shoes had rubbed so bought Superdrug Sore Spots gel stuff to prevent pain at prom. I also invested in gel cushions for the balls of my feet. These are available for your heels too.
  8. Whether you are doing your own makeup or not, I highly recommend testing out some looks yourself before the event. It's good to get to know what you like and definitely don't like. Also, have a little faith in your makeup artist and listen to their advice - it is their job after all.
  9. Fake tan. Here we go. I won't rant, however I decided not to tan for prom. I have experimented with fake tan in the past and decided I don't want to smell like biscuits for prom, or risk getting orange stains on my dress from sweat (icky but true) and also having streaky legs. I'll just be pale and proud thanks. My friends (and I to an extent) do recommend Dove's Summer Glow gradual tanner for both Light and Medium to Dark skin however. I am planning to lather myself in body shimmer to get that sunkissed glow without resembling a jaffa cake.
  10. Lastly, try not to panic and overthink everything (like I do). It's one night of your life with a bunch of people you'll probably never see again. In fact, you're probably not really that keen on half your year. Just enjoy it with your friends and try and avoid any teenage drama. You're better than that. I'm just super excited to get all dressed up and also to see certain faces again.
Here's to prom *clinks prosecco glass*.

P.S. click here to read about what happened at my prom, including how my disastrous encounter with my makeup artist. Yup, my biggest fear of being tangoed actually happened.

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