My Prom Disaster Story

Let's talk about the good bits first including my outfit, shall we?

If you read my last post about how I prepared for prom, you'll know I bought five dresses (lol) but eventually chose the one below. It only came on Tuesday - three days before prom haha. Credit to Leo for the photographs with watermarks - check out his portfolio here.

The first dress I bought was all black lace but I decided I didn't want to wear black to prom. In fact, I wanted to be covered in sparkles from head to toe and when I saw this dress described as 'rose gold' I fell in love. Oh and I have returned 3 of the 5 dresses if you're wondering - I am a student remember.

When the sun shone my dress reflected the light so beautifully and I am so so happy with my final choice. I survived the night in my 4.5 inch heels which as a novice heel wearer, I was pretty proud of. In these images I don't have any nail polish on, however I had painted fake nails earlier on in the day but ran out of time to stick them on, so did this in between main course and dessert at prom instead. These are indeed the nails that will be used for Copper Pink Nails - a work in progress ;).

The reason why I was running late is perhaps a rather funny one. Also slightly shocking and distressing to me at the time. This is the reason:

CAN WE JUST. *prepare for rant*

This was my biggest fear about getting my makeup done by a stranger. Admittedly I should have had a trial but it was a very last minute appointment as my original makeup artist had to cancel. That's why I booked to get my makeup done at Dian Ward which is my usual hairdresser (I did absolutely love how my hair turned out). The difference in colour between my hand and face is ridiculous. The makeup artist did blend it onto my neck but it would have looked awful with my dress which is why I went home and redid my makeup with half an hour till I was meant to be out the door.

My mum picked me up from the salon and as soon as I opened the car door I burst into tears. Perhaps a slight overreaction but I already knew I was running late and I was so upset that my biggest fear of being tangoed had actually happened. I'm not a very confrontational person but when I saw myself in the mirror I told the makeup artist how I felt. She could obviously tell I was unhappy and to her credit she was incredibly friendly and told me to be honest.

She then wiped my face with a tissue and tried to make me feel better by saying a lot of the darkness had come off. Then I held up my hand like in the photo and said "usually my face and hand are the same colour" and she said "oh don't worry mine are never the same!" This didn't exactly fill me with confidence and that's when I decided it would be best to salvage what I could myself. I'm just glad I liked my hair because I'm crap at styling my own.

The aftermath (after one face wipe)

I was also shocked when the makeup artist licked a piece of cotton wool and then proceeded to rub her saliva under my eye to get rid of mascara smudges. Her attempt at lip liner was also very poor - she gave me clown lips but did remove them as we agreed they were awful. She said she used to work for MAC and was qualified and I do adore how she did my eye makeup (I managed to stop crying so I didn't have to totally redo my eyes - I did sort out those brows though) but there was absolutely no way I was going to prom with that skin colour and I'm pretty sure 99.9% of the population would agree with me. What do you think?

**I would like to add that since writing this post and sending a complaint to the salon, the makeup artist has apologised and offered me a full refund for my makeup.**


After I recovered from my tango experience and redid my base makeup, I was ready to pose for the camera. Unfortunately I didn't have time for a close up of my hair or shoes on the day, but look:

Even though I had quite the catastrophe with the makeup artist and my nails were only on for half the night, I still really did enjoy prom. Just in case you don't believe me (I was pretty shaken about my makeup) here are some photos which hopefully show I enjoyed the evening!

My art teacher and I being unicorns, as you do. 

Some of my favourites.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my rather eventful prom night. Do you have any disaster prom stories or were you lucky?! Oh and what was your dress like?

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