My Summer Holiday Sandals

It's that time of the year again where I and many others flock to Primark to stock up on sandals for summer. However I was quite surprised when I realised that only half of my summer footwear was bought from Primark. That's a surprisingly little amount for me.

As you can see I have six pairs for this summer (although I imagine I will end up buying at least one more). I tried to get a good mixture to go with different outfits but I am now noticing I don't have any black pairs. It's a good thing I don't wear much black for summer. Ah well, I guess I can always go barefoot since it'll be hot anyway. Such a plan.

  •  Fancy Flip Flops | George at ASDA | £14
    I am not 100% sure on the cost of these as I my mum bought these last summer but they have lasted well and are a good day to night pair due to the neutral coloured, almost not there base and the gold strap detailing. I also didn't manage to buy a pair of solely brown sandals (yes, that was a pun) so these will be worn in their place.
  • Pool Flip Flops | Primark | £1
    Yes really - a pound. ONE pound. For a pair of flip flops. One pound!! I had planned on buying a new £1 pair of poolside flip flops this year but to be perfectly honest I forgot while looking at all the pretty clothes and since this pair still works as it should, they are coming in my suitcase.
  • White Gladiator Converse | Office | roughly £55
    These sandals featured in my Hellooo Summer OOTD and I have owned them for a couple of years. They are a size 6 but I am a 7 now and they still fit so I believe it's a sign I should wear them as much as possible. I've had mixed comments on these shoes but I love them. They're actually the only pair of Converse I own. How strange for a teenage girl. Do you love them like me or do you have mixed feelings haha?
  • Lace & Tweed | Forever 21 | £14
    This lovely pair of shoes featured in my Summer Clothes Haul video and I have been wearing them an awful lot. I'm not sure if they count as sandals or not but they will be worn a lot during my holiday so I'm including them. Also, is that actually tweed or am I making that up? Anyone know?

  • ROSE GOLD loveliness | Primark | eh under a tenner?
    I am quite in love with these sandals. They have an essence of that 'socks and sandals' vibe but the modern metallic material and the little toe detail makes them appropriate for 2015. Well, in my opinion. I am looking forward to giving off that touristy feeling whilst being stylish. That's what summer holidays are about after all.

  • Impulse buy sort of peachy strappy sandal things | Primark | about a tenner
    I picked these up two days before travelling as an impulse buy because I knew I wanted at least one pair of brightly coloured shoes. I did see a gorgeous pair of neon yellow heels but I decided to scrap heels for this holiday and just stay comfortable instead haha.

I am the most indecisive person ever and although I used to own about 3 pairs of shoes I now want every pair of sandals I see. In particular though: these, these, these, these and also these. Sigh. They're all so pretty.

Also, do you refer to sandals as "it" or "these" or "them" or "they"? I questioned myself many times writing this post haha.

What sandals are you loving for this summer?

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