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We sign up for newsletters all the time, sometimes without even knowing it. When you make an account with your favourite online store or buy that pretty dress you often have to tick (or untick) a box to state whether you'd like to receive their newsletter or not.

I am constantly checking my email and often simply scroll and delete those pesky newsletters that I have no interest in reading. No thank you Next, I am not looking to buy my non-existent five year old son a pair of summer shorts any time soon. Even with that incredibly tempting 10% discount.

However there are some newsletters I actually enjoy reading. That is a strange thing to type. I never imagined I would actually find marketing emails enjoyable. But, I do. Brands have upped their game and even though I won't buy everything they email me, I enjoy being kept up to date with fashion, beauty etc. and often find inspiration - particularly for outfits.

Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London are fast becoming one of my favourite fashion brands. This is partly due to their newsletters which are as pretty as their clothes. It's perfectly Instagram and Pinterest worthy with mini wishlists, collages, hashtags and clickable links for each item (thank you so much). They also feature customers wearing their products (mainly bloggers and vloggers from what I have seen so far) which I think is great as it gives you an insight into how to style the gorgeous pieces. This is by far my favourite newsletter. I actually get excited when it pops up in my inbox - is that sad?


Oh, Firebox, I do love your eccentricity. I'm not totally sure how to explain Firebox as a company so I'll let them do it instead: "We are We sell the coolest things you can buy; from Food & Drink, Gifts and Clothing to Gadgets, Home & Lifestyle, Art and much more."

The site is where I go to get my daily dose of everything weird and wonderful. My boyfriend enjoyed his Valentine's present of a chocolate pizza with his favourite toppings from here (I liked it too). I'll probably do a post on the brand itself at some point but for now I highly suggest you sign up to their GIF-filled newsletter. You won't be disappointed.


Yumi is another fashion brand I like but haven't bought many items from (I don't have much money to spend at the moment). Their pieces are definitely different to what you will find on the highstreet and their newsletters are very similar to Chi Chi London actually. By this I mean they contain gorgeous photographs, cute graphics, wishlists and tips on how to style their products. They also have fantastic sales which I hear firstly about through their pretty newsletters.


I only signed up to Quiz's newsletter recently when I bought my prom dress from them (seemed the least I could do) but I have enjoyed what I have received so far. Not quite as good as my Chi Chi London and Yumi emails but I still appreciate their modern rather in-your-face graphics as well as their outfit collages like below.

The common thread through these newsletters is Pinterest-worthy fashion brands (excluding Firebox of course). However, all four are laid out quite like a magazine which I think is what really appeals to me. Beautiful web/email design and graphic layouts are to me what Captain Hook is to Once Upon a Time Fans (I am also a Hooker dw). I swoon over perfectly aligned images and admire drop shadows and patterned text. Perhaps this is why I love getting certain newsletters so much...

What newsletters do you get excited for when they pop up in your inbox, if any haha?

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