Soft Summer Glow for Pale Skin FOTD

When summer arrives, usually everyone gets out their warm bronze and gold eyeshadows and turns themselves into wannabe sun goddesses. But what if you're pale and have cool skin and don't particularly want to look like a sun worshipper, but still want to embrace your pale summer glow?

My answer to this dilemma is to use metallic shades. Obviously my favourite is copper pink ;), but rose gold or copper pink really will create a beautiful glow to your face while still reminding people you're pale and proud. I love how soft and romantic this look is, yet it's something you don't see every day which makes it special and is probably why I love it so much.

How to get the look:

For the eyes, I used Benefit Stay Don't Stray eye primer (again, part of a gift set) to help the Dazzle Dust adhere as it is a loose powder. I then applied a skin tone shade eyeshadow all over my lid and up to the brow bone. Afterwards, I took a medium brown eyeshadow and applied this in the crease, followed by lots of the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Tan. I extended the Dazzle Dust to the outer corner of my lid and then applied a champagne highlight eyeshadow in the centre of my lid and stretched it down to the inner corner of my eye as well as on my brow bone.

I tightlined using black pencil eyeliner as I have fairly small eyelids and haven't mastered how to do liquid eyeliner on my lash line without making my whole eyelid look black! I then used the MUA Luxe Voluminous Felt Liner but only from the very corner of my eye to create a soft wing. Perhaps I'll film a video tutorial to explain this technique better!

I applied a touch of brown pencil eyeliner on the outside of my bottom lash line and then blended this out into more Dazzle Dust to add just a little more sparkle! This was followed by lashings of mascara.

I also used a little of the Dazzle Dust on top of my Hoola bronzer just under my cheekbones to create unity in the look. The Latte Lip Tint is one of my new favourite lip colours as it is so unique and to tie the whole look together I added lots of highlighter on my cheekbones and nose as well as painting my nails a similar metallic colour with Miss Sporty Lasting Colour - Fall which I am in love with.

Is this a look you have seen or wanted to try before? Let me know if you do try it out!


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