The Gathering 8

As this was the first Gathering I had attended, I was a little unsure what to expect. I'm still not entirely sure I know the full extent of what #scotstreetstyle stands for but I know the aim of the Gatherings is for creatives to come together, make connections and celebrate Scottish talent.

Scot Street Style is on a "quest to reinvigorate the perception of Scotland throughout the world across Social Media and Social Reality." - source

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, click here.

As soon as I walked into The Biscuit Factory (which is where my last ootd was shot), I knew something exciting was happening. There was a real buzz (although maybe that was due to the free alcohol) which grew once I made my way upstairs. It was amazing to see so many creatives together and I spent most of the night gazing in awe at the unique styles, outfits and hair colours on display.

Brands and photographers were exhibiting their creations on the top floor such as the first issue of analogue photography zine BOYS&GIRLS, the Scottish fashion label Rachel McMillan as well as gorgeous printed photographs hanging on show.

I think my favourite pieces were the Conceptual images by Samantha Louise Photography as well as Kerry Lytwyn's photographs.

Although I didn't speak to many people (I'm a bit shy at first), I still enjoyed the atmosphere of the evening and for my first Gathering (hopefully not my last!) I did enjoy the event. It really is amazing how far #scotstreetstyle has come in so little time.

Maybe next time I'll whip up some courage and not just hide behind my camera! See you at the next Gathering?

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