Recently one of my good friends passed his driving test (woohoo!) and so the other night we happened to both be bored and decided to go for a drive. Not experienced in 'drives' it took us a while to agree on what we actually wanted to do and where to go. This resulted in s'mores on the beach as it was an unusually nice evening and the sky was colourful yet moody. Very Instagrammy.

The great thing about this trip is that (apart from the car, petrol, car insurance etc. lol) it was extremely cheap. A lot of the time when I meet with friends it's for food at a restaurant which can seem like a lot when you're a poor student. I think we spent £5 between four of us for this outing:

Not even £5 - £4.33! I would just like to state that I have definitely not been sponsored by Tesco for this post - it just happens to be the most convenient store where I live haha!

Oh and two of my friends had never tried s'mores!! I think they are made slightly different in the US and Canada, but here in Scotland, or Edinburgh at least, you simply roast a marshmallow on a skewer and then sandwich it between two chocolate digestives (with the chocolate on the inside). Tada - you now have a s'more! Enjoy!

S'mores at Sunset

Sometimes blogger events can seem daunting when organised by a brand wanting promotion, but when you are invited to an event organised by a fellow blogger, you can be 100% confident it's going to be superb. Every event I am invited to as a blogger gets me excited however I was particularly looking forward to #ScotBlogMeet, hosted by Charlotte from Colours and Carousels, due to the 'for bloggers, by bloggers' atmosphere.

Scot Blog Meet: For Bloggers, By Bloggers

We all have those days when we just want to chuck on a t-shirt and jeans, but that doesn't mean we have to wear boring casual wear. I like this particular outfit due to its comfort, simplicity and playfulness. Twister is a truly amazing game - who's with me? Anyone?

Right Hand on Blue OOTD

I know, I know. I went to a chicken restaurant and had a dish without chicken. I didn't even have a Beanie wrap with the usual side of peri peri chips - I had a salad. A leafy, green, healthy, vegetable-stuffed bowl of salad-ness. Arrest me.

Quite honestly, I just fancied this new addition to the menu after ordering so many butterfly chickens with a side of coleslaw and chips. I have expanded my Nando's choices from that original order to a beanie wrap with peri peri sweet potato wedges to now choosing to have a salad. Choosing to have a salad.

I Went to Nando's and Had a Salad

I always enjoy reading posts where bloggers share links they have been loving so decided to try one of my own. If you follow someone's blog, chances are you have similar interests/opinions and so you'll probably find the majority of links they suggest interesting. You may even discover a new favourite blog or cat meme! Now onto the links...

Links I Love #1

If you haven't heard of the eggvocado, it is essentially an egg baked inside a hollowed avocado. Tada. Its simplicity is one reason why I love it, but also because it's super healthy and packed with protein. After trial and error I have come up with a few tips on how to perfect the eggvocado.

How to Perfect the Eggvocado

Summer is probably my favourite season for nail polish. I like to wear bright bold colours and cute nail art designs to express my love for the hot warm mild weather (well I do live in Scotland).

To find out which shades I've been wearing this summer, take a wee look below.

Top 8 Summer Nail Polishes

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