How to Perfect the Eggvocado

If you haven't heard of the eggvocado, it is essentially an egg baked inside a hollowed avocado. Tada. Its simplicity is one reason why I love it, but also because it's super healthy and packed with protein. After trial and error I have come up with a few tips on how to perfect the eggvocado.

For my eggvocado, I loosely followed this recipe but have since modified it a little to suit my needs and dodgy oven etc.


  • large avocado
  • not large egg
  • salt & pepper to taste and whatever else you fancy (I used parmesan)


  • Preheat oven to 200°C.
  • Cut avocado in two (see tips below for optimum cutting ratio) and hollow out just enough flesh for egg to fit in snugly.
  • Place avocado onto muffin tray to keep it steady.
  • Crack egg into avocado hollow.
  • Cook in oven for approximately 15 minutes.
Please note my oven isn't the most reliable so your cooking time may be different to mine.

That's the basis of the eggvocado, but here are my top tips to make sure you cook it to perfection each and every time.

  • Instead of halving your avocado, cut one side a little bigger so you have more room for the egg. And with the leftover flesh...
  • you can either eat it raw (yum), put it on oatcakes, smother it in lemon juice or create a sort of salad like I did with avocado chunks, sweetcorn, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil plus salt and pepper. Go crazy.
  • I highly recommend using a muffin tray as pictured rather than a baking tray as it will keep your avocado in place and prevent the egg from spilling everywhere which is one mess I'm sure we'd all love to avoid.
  • You could always create a tinfoil basket to sit the avocado in for easy egg clean up.
  • And if you start sweating at the thought of spilt egg, first spoon the yolk into the avocado and then slowly pour in the white until you are satisfied. No need to panic.
  • If you're paranoid about overcooking in the oven like me and take it out while your whites are still liquidy - don't worry! You can always stick it in the microwave for a minute or two to finish it off. I haven't got food poisoning yet so I'm guessing you'll be fine too.
Although avocados aren't the cheapest vegetable (I just googled if the avocado is a vegetable to avoid looking silly and it turns out it's a sneaky fruit like the tomato - who would've known!) So, although avocados aren't the cheapest fruit (ew that sounds wrong) they are extremely healthy and can be used in lots of dishes - even desserts! They will definitely be a staple for me when I move out for university as well as Heinz mayonnaise and pink grapefruit diluted juice.

I'm also trying to go to the gym more so a protein packed lunch like this is an ideal meal. I'm actually so surprised I have stuck to the gym but I will definitely be continuing my membership in Aberdeen. I'll return to Edinburgh at Christmas bulking from the gym and eggvocados lol.

Have you ever tried an eggvocado? Please let me know how you get on with my instructions! And any questions, just ask :)

P.S. have you voted in Metropolitan Fashion's MFS Fashion Blogger Award 2015 yet? I'm the one sifting through social media and filling in spreadsheets to work out the winner!

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