Links I Love #1

I always enjoy reading posts where bloggers share links they have been loving so decided to try one of my own. If you follow someone's blog, chances are you have similar interests/opinions and so you'll probably find the majority of links they suggest interesting. You may even discover a new favourite blog or cat meme! Now onto the links...

  • Honey Pop from Honeypopkisses created three gorgeous looks to show how to style a shirt dress - I think number three is my favourite!
  • Hayley from Water Painted Dreams has been writing a series called "Student Sundays" with advice about starting university and her most recent post about bonding with flatmates and friends is incredibly helpful.
  • The revelation (to me) that you can eat the stone of an avocado and that it's packed with nutrients has made me love the vegetable fruit even more. I posted a recipe for an eggvocado if the thought of eating the stone weirds you out a bit however.
  • The bae sandwich gets a mention simply because of the name however bacon, avocado and egg does sound like a spectacular combination. This post was uploaded a year ago - I didn't think 'bae' was that old!
  • I made this quick & easy banoffee pie shared by Louise last night for an afternoon tea themed dinner today and it went splendidly! You can see how mine turned out above!
  • This is the last food link I promise haha - I desperately need to try these two ingredient nutella brownies. I mean really, two ingredients?! If these work they will be a staple in my diet.
  • Music wise I have been loving Filtr UK's Spotify playlist of New R&B especially any song by or featuring Dej Loaf.
Which links have you been loving recently?

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