S'mores at Sunset

Recently one of my good friends passed his driving test (woohoo!) and so the other night we happened to both be bored and decided to go for a drive. Not experienced in 'drives' it took us a while to agree on what we actually wanted to do and where to go. This resulted in s'mores on the beach as it was an unusually nice evening and the sky was colourful yet moody. Very Instagrammy.

The great thing about this trip is that (apart from the car, petrol, car insurance etc. lol) it was extremely cheap. A lot of the time when I meet with friends it's for food at a restaurant which can seem like a lot when you're a poor student. I think we spent £5 between four of us for this outing:

Not even £5 - £4.33! I would just like to state that I have definitely not been sponsored by Tesco for this post - it just happens to be the most convenient store where I live haha!

Oh and two of my friends had never tried s'mores!! I think they are made slightly different in the US and Canada, but here in Scotland, or Edinburgh at least, you simply roast a marshmallow on a skewer and then sandwich it between two chocolate digestives (with the chocolate on the inside). Tada - you now have a s'more! Enjoy!

Isn't that pretty.

We were lucky and had the whole beach to ourselves excluding the occasional dog walker. It was extremely dark and I must admit I did terrify myself when I thought I saw something move in the bushes. Turned out to be a shadow moving due to my phone's torch. Oops.

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And of course, you have to take a few snapchats on a drive!

I have my driving test verrrry soon and hopefully will pass before moving to Aberdeen. If not, I'll resit when I come home for Christmas as I won't be driving in Aberdeen anway. But when I do pass, I'd love to go on more drives like this.

Any suggestions for an enjoyable 'drive'?

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