Top 8 Summer Nail Polishes

Summer is probably my favourite season for nail polish. I like to wear bright bold colours and cute nail art designs to express my love for the hot warm mild weather (well I do live in Scotland).

To find out which shades I've been wearing this summer, take a wee look below.

Papaya is a gorgeous bright peachy orange colour which perfectly matches my H&M shorts. After wanting a yellow polish since forever but never finding one I really liked, Popcorn is the love of my life. I was rather shocked by how impressed I was by Bright Coral due to the price but this really is a fantastic product from MUA and is currently on my nails. Rebel Blue was a gift and although I don't tend to wear many blue polishes, this one has definitely tempted me to buy more thanks to its beautiful yet subtle purple shimmer.

Tropical Punch is a topcoat (seen here over Popcorn) of colourful matte confetti which also featured in this blog post. You'll know about my love of copper pink and Glisten is perhaps the peak of copperpinkness, although the search is ongoing. Barry M created quite a buzz with their duochrome polishes - Mediterranean switches between a warm gold and a stunning metallic pink. Spicy Orange was a gift and while not a true red, I'd definitely say it is more red than orange. It has an incredibly glossy finish whilst the orange undertones add warmth - perfect for summer.

Which is your favourite polish? Which nail polishes are you loving this summer?

And yes, if you're wondering, Copper Pink Nails is still going ahead. It's just taking a little longer to set up than I expected! I have already been brainstorming tons of designs though and I can't wait to finally get started! Keep following me on social media and checking back here for updates.

P.S. does anyone know where I can get a good but not incredibly expensive macro lens? I desperately want one for my Sony a5000! Thanks!

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