Natural Makeup Look Tutorial | YouTube

I'm finally back on YouTube! It's only been just over a month lol...

However I'm actually pretty pleased with this video, it only took me about a whole day to edit. Luckily I'm getting quicker with my editing software as I learn what all the scary buttons mean! I will admit I was a little nervous to do a voiceover as I'm not the biggest fan of my voice on recordings (who is?) but I think it turned out okay. There's always room for improvement.

Pleeeeeeeease let me know what you think as I am constantly trying to make my videos (and my blog for that matter) the best I can! I'm also in the midst of a blog design overhaul which may or may not include the font in that photo and the video... *moon emoji* Oh goodness I've started using emojis in blog posts now - I'll try to use them only when necessary I promise.


I'll stop rambling now. Enjoy the video!

 How much/little makeup do you feel comfortable wearing out in public?
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