September Goals

August was quite a busy month for me. I attended Scot Blog Meet, met up for a Nando's (and had a salad) with one of my future uni flatmates, saw Milton Jones in the Fringe festival, oh and I saw the Lady Boys of Bangkok too, then I watched the end of the festival fireworks last night and was part of the Marketing team for Metropolitan's Talent 2015 fashion show which was absolutely craaaaazy but so exciting! Amongst socialising, blogging and sleeping too of course.

September looks to be an (almost?) equally busy month. I have my driving test in a week (which I am so nervous for), my 1 year anniversary with Grant (we're going to the Zoo yaaaaas) and hmm what else... oh yes, I'm starting university - in Aberdeen. Exciting times!

I find writing/typing to-do lists and plans etc. helps clear my mind and relieves me of a lot of stress, so here are my goals for September.

September Goals

  • Pass driving test
  • Buy everything I need for university before I get to Aberdeen
  • Decorate my uni room to be Pinterest-worthy
  • Practice cooking meals, again, before I move
  • Enjoy Freshers' Week (even though I'm not 18 </3)
  • Enjoy university (although my course officially starts on the 30th so maybe this is an October goal? I'm moving on the 13th though!)
  • Join gym in Aberdeen and actually go
  • Make friends in Aberdeen (I'm sure I will with my apparent irresistible charm)
  • Sell clothes on Depop
  • Budget well at university
  • Redesign blog header and YouTube graphics
  • Not to be so hard on myself (in regards to pretty much everything)
Basically all of those are to do with university haha, but I guess it is a big change in my life so it makes sense. If you are a new student like me, I highly recommend you check out Hayley's Student Sundays series at Water Painted Dreams for advice. Here is her most recent post.

If you know any other good university advice articles, please link me up - I need all the help I can get! I haven't bought anything at all for moving yet although my mum is planning an IKEA day out on Saturday. I am actually incredibly excited for that - is that sad..?

What are your goals for September? Anyone starting university like me?

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