8 Things to Expect from Freshers' Week

Yes, I did survive Freshers' Week. And yes, although only being 17 and half the events being 18+, I did have an amazing week. My flatmates are an incredible bunch of people - we've already had a family roast dinner (but more on that later) - and I couldn't imagine a better group to spend the next year with. And they were also awesome during Freshers' Week - special shoutout to those who cared for me when I forgot to eat dinner and drank too much alcohol - not the best combination.

Freshers' Week Drunk Emotions

What to expect from Freshers' Week

  • Your number of Facebook friends will sky rocket, although you may not remember everyone you add.
    I had a nice conversation with a bouncer in Mcdonald's at 2am and now we are online friends. I'm never going to speak to him again, but we have that unique Freshers' Week bond which can never be broken. Isn't that something special. Wiping away the tears.

  • You will make a ton of new friends and even more acquaintances.
    Sure, not everyone you ask the three compulsory questions to (name, hometown, course) is going to be your best friend by the end of the year, but you are bound to meet some people you will keep in touch with throughout university and possibly even beyond that. Freshers' Week is an amazing opportunity to meet people so get out there and socialise!

  • The excitement from meeting someone from your hometown or course is unreal.
    But no, just because I'm from Edinburgh does not mean I know every single person in Edinburgh. It's a big place jeez.

  • Your slang vocabulary will greatly expand, thanks to your uni friends and flatmates.
    For example, do you know what a spicy is? According to my flatmate Mhairi from Greenock, it is basically a very attractive specimen. But not as attractive as a spicemaster. Obviously.

  • You will get drunk, and will probably be sick.
    I'm convinced that even if you're teetotal, Freshers' Week will destroy your innocence at least one night. You may then swear never to drink again, but it's Freshers' Week so we all know that's a lie. And if you are crouched over your toilet for four hours like one of my close, close friends was, be nice to your flatmates and clean it up in the morning. We've all been there.

  • You will play Never Have I Ever - on several occasions.
    I (surprisingly) only drank 3 nights during Freshers' Week because I had a sore throat and cough from Hell. However even I joined in with the dreaded Never Have I Ever with my hot water and honey.

  • Naps will become part of your daily routine.
    For someone who usually survives on 6/7 hours of sleep a night and never naps, Freshers Week made me question if I am who I thought I was. A lie in for me used to be 9am but for the first time in forever waking up at 2 in the afternoon is perfectly acceptable. Wake up, have some breakfast lunch eh brunch(?) and go for an hour long nap before washing and going out again!

  • Oh, and you will fall asleep on your sofa, no matter how wooden or uncomfy it is.
    Trust me, our sofas are pretty awful.

I'm hoping to have a few more university related posts as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts making an appearance again now I have settled into my timetable and classes etc. Is there anything uni-related/moving out from home etc. you'd like me to write about? I'd love to help or just tell some amusing stories if I can!

Also, this past weekend was the first time I visited home and it really was the strangest experience. But more about that in another post. See you soon!

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