November Goals

Happy November!
If you didn't know, November 5th is my birthday and it just so happens that 2015's November 5th was my 18th! How exciting. I can now legally buy alcohol and have a Paypal account - how fab.

The blog has been lacking in content recently due to a number of excuses I could reel off but instead I have decided to sit down and set myself a realistic schedule to follow now that my living circumstances have changed. Blogging is definitely still a big part of my life and I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into it, starting with this post.

My November Goals

  • Blog.
    Make a blogging schedule and actually stick to it.
  • Enjoy being 18, but don't get carried away.Basically - remember there are more important things than alcohol. Like university:
  • Stay organised with university work.
    I feel I have actually done pretty well with this, despite once staying up till 3am to finish work before the deadline that day. But apart from that, I'd say I'm on top of my studies.
  • Eat for £1 per day for a week.A student's gotta do what a student's gotta do. And I like weird challenges like this.
  • Be a fab cheerleader.
    Yes, I have joined the cheerleading team. And somehow made it onto the competition team. I never imagined myself as a cheerleader, but I thoroughly enjoy the sport, the people and the social events too.
  • Buy a new pair of heels.This is my treat if I achieve the rest of my goals. A great motivator I'm sure you'll agree.
  • Plan birthday present for my Gran's 100th.
    Yeah, you read right.
A post all about uni life (and a room tour!) will be up this month as well as how I'm getting on with my £1 a day for food challenge. I am very interested to see how that goes haha.

This month however I am most excited to get back into blogging, what are your goals for November?

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