Yes, it's Christmas Eve. And yes, many of us will still be rushing about not knowing what to buy for family and friends. But do not worry, for I have found an incredibly simple idea that is Christmas-y and can be started and finished on Christmas Eve.

Reindeer Beer Bottles (or Smirnoff, or wine, or apple juice etc.)

How to Reindeer Beer Bottles | Quick and Easy Christmas Gift

Since one of my most popular posts is my Nutella gift guide from last Christmas, I thought I would create an up to date list since most of those products are now sadly unavailable. Fear not though for I have found plenty of other quirky and fun Nutella-related gifts for the addict in your life.

And yes, I have left it a little for Christmas 2015 (apologies) but any true Nutella lover will appreciate a late but amazing present over a last-minute rush. Trust me. I've picked out my favourite prints, clothing, homeware items, the miscellaneous and of course the perfect spoon. If you're left wanting more, a search for 'nutella' on Etsy results in 100s of products so go crazy.

Giant Tub of Nutella

Gift Guide for Nutella Lovers 2015

I say beginning, however our decorations were up asap on December 1st. They probably would have been up earlier if it was up to my Christmas obsessed flatmate Shannon, but majority ruled.

Since Shannon and I both have Tuesdays off university, the week before we headed out on a shopping trip to Primark and Poundland for budget decorations. On December 1st the Christmas playlist was blasting and the flat was totally transformed. Take a look for yourself.

Shannon made an incredible amount of snowflakes and was helped by Kate to add the finishing touch of lots and lots of glitter. Chloe also shared her expertise after studying snowflakes for an entire year for her advanced Higher art project. These are truly special snowflakes.

My Flat's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Last Sunday, The Music Hall in Aberdeen hosted Trend and Premiere Production's LOVE Fashion catwalk show. The evening consisted of an incredible amount of collections from both independent and big brand retailers, as well as entertainment with some truly inspiring spectacles.

LOVE Fashion Catwalk Show Part One

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