LOVE Fashion Catwalk Show Part One

Last Sunday, The Music Hall in Aberdeen hosted Trend and Premiere Production's LOVE Fashion catwalk show. The evening consisted of an incredible amount of collections from both independent and big brand retailers, as well as entertainment with some truly inspiring spectacles.

What I most liked was that the audience was presented both local, independent brands as well as the bigger retailers so there was a great mixture on offer and something suited for everyone.

Lasting 3 hours, the catwalk was packed with offerings from the likes of De-Zire, Helen Ruth Scarves, Midnight Elegance (one of my favourites) and Country Ways as well as retailers from Aberdeen's Bon Accord Centre such as Coast, Phase Eight and Topshop.

Hence my photographs will be split into three separate posts (three!) over the next two weeks as there are an awful lot! Let me know which are your favourite pieces from the first lot in the comments :)

I recommend viewing in portrait mode to see the whole of the longer photos.

The incredibly enthusiastic host of the evening.

Some rather amazing dancers as entertainment.

You made it to the end of the post! I am very proud of you. The next two set of photographs will be uploaded soon so check back for updates.

Which is your favourite look?

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