My Flat's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I say beginning, however our decorations were up asap on December 1st. They probably would have been up earlier if it was up to my Christmas obsessed flatmate Shannon, but majority ruled.

Since Shannon and I both have Tuesdays off university, the week before we headed out on a shopping trip to Primark and Poundland for budget decorations. On December 1st the Christmas playlist was blasting and the flat was totally transformed. Take a look for yourself.

Shannon made an incredible amount of snowflakes and was helped by Kate to add the finishing touch of lots and lots of glitter. Chloe also shared her expertise after studying snowflakes for an entire year for her advanced Higher art project. These are truly special snowflakes.

I have kept my room a Christmas free zone so I have somewhere to escape need be, as the lounge is adorned with lights, tinsel, snowmen, snowflakes...

Four advent calendars for a pound from Poundland, so Shannon bought 4 Minion and 4 Frozen themed ones. I don't love minions so luckily got myself a Frozen one. It's the chocolate that counts anyway. I absolutely love cheap chocolate - hint hint for christmas presents xxx

As you can see, we even have Christmas scented incense. Our lounge really is a Winter Wonderland.

The tree photographed is pretty tiny, but don't worry as we also have a bigger one!

We don't have the space or budget for a real or plastic tree; so put our thinking caps on and created a wrapping paper tree, complete with decorations and even a cute pot. I had a vision yet I think it turned out better than I had expected.

We simply cut out three overlapping triangles to create the shape of the tree and then added tinsel, decorative bows used for wrapping presents as lights and circular gift tags for baubles.

And for the top of the tree, we decided not to use a star or an angel, but to go for a slightly unconventional topper. I don't know if you have seen the Christmas Coca-Cola bottles yet, but the wrapper magically ties itself into a bow in front of your eyes. Seriously, go buy one now and have a shot yourself. You will be amazed. It looks so pretty!

Luckily after a few parties our decorations are mostly still up. We have found the missing 'O' from our 'NOEL' lettering but if we hadn't we could've just stuck a snowflake in there instead.

Students are incredibly resourceful. I think all our decorations cost us about £20 which is pretty good considering we have two Christmas trees and are living in Santa's Grotto.

What do you think of our effort? Are your decorations more over the top than ours?!

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