Since moving back to Aberdeen last week, I have had absolutely nothing to do. University starts back 2nd February, but I just really wanted to get out of my house and back to my flat. So during the past week I have discovered a multitude of options and activities you can do without feeling guilty for wasting time, because you literally have absolutely nothing to do.

eating ice cream is a bonus addition to the list ;)

5 Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

Having handed in my final coursework for Semester 1 of university, and Semester 2 not starting until the 2nd of February, I realised I have a lot of free time until then. Then I also realised I can't remember the last time I picked up and read a book and decided I wanted to change that. Not my lack of memory, I just mean I haven't read in an awful long time.

I Bought Some Books

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The Music Hall in Aberdeen hosted Trend and Premiere Production's LOVE Fashion catwalk show. The evening consisted of an incredible amount of collections from both independent and big brand retailers, as well as entertainment with some truly inspiring spectacles.

Lasting 3 hours, the catwalk was packed with offerings from the likes of De-ZireHelen Ruth ScarvesMidnight Elegance (one of my favourites) and Country Ways as well as retailers from Aberdeen's Bon Accord Centre such as CoastPhase Eight and Topshop.

This is part two (and the final part) of my photographs from the event - I hope you enjoy!

LOVE Fashion Catwalk Show Part Two

Happy New Year!

New Year's Resolutions 2016

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