5 Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

Since moving back to Aberdeen last week, I have had absolutely nothing to do. University starts back 2nd February, but I just really wanted to get out of my house and back to my flat. So during the past week I have discovered a multitude of options and activities you can do without feeling guilty for wasting time, because you literally have absolutely nothing to do.

eating ice cream is a bonus addition to the list ;)

1. Sleep

Waking up at 12 (or 1 or 2...) is only a good feeling when you know you have no reason to get up any earlier. So make the most of it while you can. I enjoy being productive but we all need those lazy days just to relax, save up our energy and give ourselves a deserved day off.

2. Binge a TV Series

So when you really can no longer sleep, binge a TV series. More specifically, binge Criminal Minds. Slightly disturbing (and I am pretty squeamish) but very addictive. I was introduced to this by flatmate Kiera and have since watched a whole 23 episodes, each 40 minutes long, in an impressive two days. I am very proud as this is a record for me. Other series I recommend are Fresh Meat, Peep Show and Once Upon a Time (all on Netflix).

3. Tidy and Decorate

Look, I know this may not be the most fun activity, but you're always saying you need to tidy up around the house and seem to be forever wishing you had the time to paint the walls a lovely periwinkle. Well, now is that time. Blast your favourite tunes. grab your onesie and just get started.

I did this the other day for a good three hours and it feels amazing - room tour coming soon.

4. Read

If you ever need a break from your favourite TV series (does this ever happen tho?) then books are here to help. I enjoy reading but just never seem to find the time to sit down and get stuck into a good story. With nothing else to do, now is your time - see I Bought Some Books for inspiration.

5. Cook New Food

My attempts of cooking this week have included beetballs (like meatballs but with beetroot), a vegan dhal from Deliciously Ella as well as a brie & courgette mug cake from a recipe book I was given at Christmas. You may have noticed I am trying to eat a more plant-based diet, as I stated in my New Year's Resolutions post. Baking is also a great way to waste some time while having a tasty end result.

So there are five things to do when you have absolutely nothing to do. I still have one more week until university starts, so if I think up any more activities, I will publish a Part Two - watch this space.

What do you do when you have nothing to do?

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