New Year's Resolutions 2016

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Where people all over the world decide to join the gym and to give up alcohol (next joke please). Leaving the pessimism there however, I do like to give myself a few general aims for the year and reflect on the past in order to have a fulfilling year and to be the best version of myself.

So how did I do with last year's Resolutions?

  • Stay Positive
    I feel I have greatly improved at this. Just in everyday situations and bigger issues, I look on the bright side and remind myself there is no point in being pessimistic, so why do it? Of course, like everyone, I still have phases of being fed up and down, but they have become much less frequent.
  • Get Fit
    Up until September I am proud to say I actually went to the gym about three times a week which shocked me. Because before, I laughed at the thought of physical exercise. Unfortunately upon moving out for university I only went to the gym twice as I really dislike going on my own and was a little anxious as it was a new gym. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into a good routine.
  • Learn to Cook
    Now I'm no Jamie Oliver but I could definitely cook you an edible and 9 out of 10 times tasty meal. Cooking for just myself has meant I've been able to experiment and although there have been meals I wouldn't revisit (looking at you celery risotto) I have a few recipes I could share on the blog. Coming soon: Cooking with Mairi.
  • Become More IndependentI have now used a washing machine, can cook, do my own food shopping and have survived living without my parents so I'd say this one went pretty well.
  • Be Ambitious
    This was about saying yes more often in relation to opportunities and situations which previously made me anxious. I tried to push myself and just do more stuff really. I feel like I've had a pretty busy and fulfilling year, so I'm quite pleased with this one too.
And for this year? I am really not too sure, but here's a few.

1. Try Veganism

I'm not planning on eating a fully vegan diet, but I would like to try to incorporate more vegan options into my diet. A couple of years ago I tried going vegan for one month but then I settled for substitutes whereas now my focus is on exploring ingredients and seeing what unique meals veganism has to offer rather than hunting down 'vegan ham'.

With my new(ish) Deliciously Ella vegan cookbook, I'm hoping I'll find a fair few recipes I'll actually enjoy eating whilst staying healthy. I do like a challenge.

2. Get Fit

I may plan a grand return to the gym, or I may look at other options. Either way, I definitely want to get back into some sort of exercise routine, whatever that turns out to be.

3. Be Confident and Decisive

Don't care about what other people think, don't get anxious about things which I know I can do easily and try to be less indecisive and actually make decisions. 

4. Do Stuff

Just do a lot of stuff, See your friends, climb hills, play the ukulele, cook nice food, listen to music, travel, blog, maybe go skydiving - don't waste your days. Do what you love.

Here's to a fun and fulfilling 2016! What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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