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Nails Inc. is a brand I never paid much attention to, due to their high prices and my low budget. Founded 15 years ago, the innovative company is now the UK's number one nail bar chain, so I feel I should probably start paying more attention.

My relationship with Nails Inc. began when I received a gift voucher for a manicure in 2014, where I unknowingly chose one of their best selling shades - Porchester Square. You can read my review of my manicure here or here's a quick summary: I loved the colour, but the application was a little streaky and bubbly and chipped just two days later. I then found a Barry M dupe for just £3.99 instead of £14 and was later gifted the Nails Inc. original by my sister which I have had great results with painting my nails myself!

Since receiving and loving Porchester Square, I have browsed the brand's many pretty polishes but have still never felt able to happily part with £14 for another. Luckily however I have amazing parents who bought me a selection of 10ml Nails Inc. polishes (I think it was the Party Pastels Collection however I received 6 not 7, so maybe my mum fell in love with one). Here's what I think of my small but expensive collection so far.

Porchester Square

Definitely my favourite everyday neutral shade. It's opaque in just one coat, is a good thickness and has a great brush for easy application. Not another common nude, Porchester Square provides an everyday alternative with muted gray and purple shades with one or the other more prominent in certain lighting. It is a truly pretty polish and a great place to start if you're unsure about Nails Inc.

Top to bottom: Mandeville Place; Colville Mews; Chester Gate

Mandeville Place

An incredibly vibrant red which has just enough pink to make it very feminine while still definitely being red. The almost neon intensity means it is opaque in just one coat and is a fun and youthful colour. I have found it to be the perfect red for when you're already running extremely late and only have time for one coat - you're welcome.

Chester Gate

A pretty indigo or purple shade. Strangely the colour seemed to separate a little and first applied with light streaks. I then gently shook (love an oxymoron) the bottle a bit and it was fine afterwards. Chester Gate applied quite thickly and took longer to dry than other colours but once dry, it's a perfectly lovely purple.

Colville Mews

I imagine this would look better on tanned skin than my ghostly complexion, but I still think it is a beautiful light beige. It's a great neutral minimalist colour which will go with everything - that's just what I like. It's lightness means it does need 3 coats to be fully opaque, however it applies thinly so dries very quickly.

Victoria Road

Small white and black speckles are mixed with even tinier violet shimmers to create a sparkly speckled topcoat. I also tested it out on a bare nail as photographed but think it looks best with a colour underneath, in particular Chester Gate for ultimate purple-ness.

Hereford Square

This polish is definitely a topcoat. It's all glitz with a subtly shimmering clear base filled with tiny iridescent sprinkles of various geometric shapes. My favourite polish to wear underneath Hereford Square is Barry M's Silver Foil polish for an incredibly futuristic look. Unfortunately I have lost this polish which is very sad, so I have shown you it over Barry M Sugar Apple instead. What do you think of this combination?

I did have one other polish from the Party Pastels collection: Edwards Mews. However something really strange happened: the lid sort of stuck to the top of the bottle and hence the bottle split into two - nail polish everywhere. But at least the inside of my suitcase looks pretty now.


My collection of Nails Inc. is one I'm very glad to have been gifted. I probably still wouldn't be able to justify spending £14 myself on a polish, but then again I currently have £7 in my bank account so couldn't even if I wanted to. Hurry up SAAS. There is no doubting the high quality of the polishes (although was a bit gutted about Edwards Mews) and the brand's incredible professionalism and innovative ideas make it truly stand out so if you want to treat yourself or a friend, Nails Inc. is definitely a good choice.

What's your experience with Nails Inc. been like?

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