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It was only yesterday I noticed my room in Aberdeen has become a lot more homely. My cushions are fluffy and patterned with cats whilst my nail polishes stand in a perfect formation. One thing I didn't have in Edinburgh however is a pinboard. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it when I moved into my flat. It was grey and bare and just a little intimidating.

Luckily I have managed to fill it pretty successfully over the past few months, thanks to poundland paper dolls, university memorabilia and some of my favourite necklaces. I feel you can tell a lot about a person from what they consider important enough to make it onto their personal pinboard, so please enjoy this little insight into my university life and if you'd like to buy the fabulous paper dolls - get yourself to poundland ASAP.

Let me tell you about my pretty paper dolls and why they're on my pinboard. If you have seen my Prom Dress Adventure in Glasgow vlog, you'll know these paper dolls were an impulse buy from roughly last May. I had no idea what I would use them for but I was sure they would come in handy at some point - don't we all need some paper dolls in our lives after all? Finally they have come out of the packet and onto my pinboard, acting as not only a cute decoration but also a reminder of my friends back in Edinburgh as well as the new friends I have made in Aberdeen. So emosh.

If you're wondering why I have two massive bows at the top of my pinboard - I don't blame you. The reason why however is because I am a cheerleader. Yes, me. I was unaware cheerleading was practiced in the UK until moving to Aberdeen but the sport is definitely one of my favourite parts of university. It's such an uncommon but difficult and tiring (all those bear crawls gawd) sport which definitely deserves more recognition as a "real sport". Luckily, last week I was voted as Fundraiser for the Cheer Committee next year so am hoping to promote RGU Cheer's image as well as the reputation of the sport in the UK and Scotland in particular. A separate post including a video of our competition routine filmed by my lovely mother will be published shortly. P.S. the medal is up because it was my first competition which we competed in and won *sassy cheer hair flick*.

Oh look what we have here - a couple of exciting tickets from two university related events. The centred ticket was for the LOVE fashion catwalk show hosted by Trend and Premiere Productions back in November. This was my first taste of fashion in Aberdeen outwith my lectures and I have to say it was an impressive show. You can see some of my photos from the night over here and here.

The second ticket was for Baby Blues - a ceilidh/night out at Institute for all the sports clubs. I am very happy to report I survived four ceilidh dances in my new 5 inch stilettos - a feat which I am very proud of and would shout from the rooftops if I knew how to access my flat's roof. Baby Blues is a taster of the huge sports ball at the end of April - Blues Ball. No idea why blue is in the name but there it is. I am now facing the dilemma of whether to wear my prom dress once more or buy a new dress - I just can't decide!

Moving a little further down the board you will find one of my favourite necklaces bought from New Look one or two years ago. And no it's not from Oliver Bonas - I just like their little label and the brand and thought it filled the gap well. Apologies for the confusion. This necklace is definitely a statement piece and has been very handy on a few nights out when I haven't been bothered to do a washing and can use this pretty necklace as the main feature of my outfit. It looks great paired with simply a low neck white crop top and skinny jeans. I just love how iridescent and sparkly it is - I need more jewellery like this!

Now at the bottom of my pinboard, you'll find a few of my other necklaces which made the cut to be taken up to Aberdeen. I don't tend to buy jewellery for myself, but if anyone gifts me it I will be sure to wear it. Next to these necklaces I have placed another very exciting ticket from The Clothes Show in Birmingham. This was a pretty exciting day trip organised for my course, fortunately for a pretty student friendly price. I was going to post about this but feel I have left it a little late. All you need to know however is it was an amazing day out and the fashion show was incredible - more of a theatrical performance. You should definitely go next year.

Lastly on my pinboard are some slightly more personal items from my friends home in Edinburgh. The first is an eighteenth birthday card from my close friend Ellie. If I could have fitted all my birthday cards on my pinboard they would definitely all be there, however my birthday was all the way back in November so the rest are no longer on display (sadly). I also have a good luck card again from Ellie from when I first moved and a little more personal photograph (again from Ellie haha) of my first holiday with my friends to Malta last summer.

It's the little things like these that make my room just a little more homely and are good at lifting my spirits if I'm ever feeing down or missing friends and family. I'm not really someone who gets homesick but it's always nice to be reminded your friends and family care about you and are there for you, even if that's 3 hours down the road instead of 2 minutes.

Hopefully I've given you a little insight into my life at university and me as a person I suppose. What's on your pin board?

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