Scotland or Spain?

Unfortunately, it's not Spain.

Fortunately, however, Aberdeen has been treated to a few particularly sunny days recently (although as I type there is snow falling outside my window - Scotland eh).

Yesterday I went on a little adventure around Aberdeen to attend the Aberdeen Fashion Week Sunday show at the airport and ended up in Wagamama for lunch. Yasai Katsu Curry is life.

The weather was just too good to not take some outfit shots, especially as I was debuting my new Topshop black skinny jeans and my New Look wedge boots. These are my first ever pair of black skinny jeans which is very exciting - Topshop is my favourite place for jeans.

You may recognise my boots from this old outfit post however the old version of these (found by googling 'cheap shoes uk') was destroyed by Underground in Aberdeen (a dirty-floored nightclub). It was a miracle when I spotted these duplicates on a mannequin whilst window shopping in New Look. I ran home to discover my size was available in the sale for just £12! That was a good day.

Sadly Aberdeen's beach is not quite as exotic as the one pictured - still gorgeous, just a little bit different and much, much colder. Hence why I wore my Hollister cardigan on my sunny adventure. I've never been the biggest fan of Hollister however this cardigan really was a steal in the sale. It's one of the softest garments I've bought and I love the bright pop of colour mixed with the neutral base - incredibly cosy vibes. Having just visited their site to grab the URL, I have decided this high neck crochet top is on my wishlist for summer.

My favourite satchel makes a comeback on the blog as it rightly deserves. I take this bag with me pretty much every day whether that's to uni, shopping, eating out, the cinema or an exciting adventure like yesterday. I really can't recommend Yoshi enough for their quality and design. Having saved up and just bought myself a 13" Macbook I'd really love to get one of Yoshi's bigger satchels to carry my laptop in - I'm loving the look of mustard leather.

You may be surprised when I tell you I love the sun. My ghostly pale skin has been slathered with factor 60+ all my life and the only change in colour going on is white to red. However I do love the warmth (as pictured) and would definitely consider moving abroad one day.

Speaking of moving abroad and Spain, this summer is going to be a long one as I am off university mid May till the end of September. I was hoping to work abroad but it is more difficult than you think it would be to find work. However yesterday I was sent a link about a social media internship in Barcelona for 3 months this summer and am seriously considering applying. I am still deciding but think I will go for it. Wish me luck! If anyone has any advice or has experienced similar before, please get in touch!

How's the weather where you are? Do you have sun one day and snow the next like me?

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