My last bloggers' event in Aberdeen (till next university year) was a really lovely way to round off my time with the blogging community there. We were treated to some spectacular fine dining at The Adelphi Kitchen, a true hidden gem just off Union Street. And although the event was a sort of end for my Aberdeen blogging for now, it was also a time of firsts as I was encouraged to tackle my phobia of fish. See the full dinner menu here.

The Adelphi Kitchen and My Secret Phobia of Fish

Somehow I have finished my first year of university. But while I think of how to write about everything I enjoyed without rambling, I thought I'd tell you about my first university ball for now. Last month was a time reminiscent of prom - finding the perfect dress, looking for makeup inspiration on Pinterest, do I go to a hairdresser or just do it myself?! So many difficult life decisions. But for Blues Ball, the sports ball for RGU, I was super excited to attend with the massive group of cheerleaders with whom I have really felt part of a team over first year.

My First University Ball

Known as a hotspot for bloggers in Aberdeen, CUP is a true gem with a wondrous array of often peculiar cakes and artisan teas, reflecting the Alice-in-Wonderland theme of the decor. Having not tried the well known cafe, I decided to make my grand debut a treat for after a hard workout at the gym.

Breakfast at CUP in Aberdeen

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