The Adelphi Kitchen and My Secret Phobia of Fish

My last bloggers' event in Aberdeen (till next university year) was a really lovely way to round off my time with the blogging community there. We were treated to some spectacular fine dining at The Adelphi Kitchen, a true hidden gem just off Union Street. And although the event was a sort of end for my Aberdeen blogging for now, it was also a time of firsts as I was encouraged to tackle my phobia of fish. See the full dinner menu here.

You may know The Adelphi Kitchen's predecessor La Stella, which served Italian cuisine but closed its doors at the end of 2013 to make way for something quite different. The Adelphi Kitchen's focus is on meat and seafood - using locally sourced seasonal produce. Chris Tonner, who heads the restaurant as well as running Cue in Aberdeen, was an incredibly knowledgable and welcoming host who told us all about the background of the restaurant as well as its values and hopes for the future. His enthusiasm for the industry and cuisine on offer was evident and I felt grateful to have been invited.

For this event, the other bloggers and I were given a great overview of what the restaurant's Spring Summer 2016 menu has to offer. Plate after plate in tapas style covered the table and more dishes were brought freshly prepared from the kitchen as we continued to indulge. First came the starters (and a fab cocktail).

And this is where we need to talk about something. My phobia of fish. Growing up I didn't eat a lot of fish, but I eat considerably less now. There's just something about the thought of a fish, like a whole fish just swimming in the ocean with all the other... fish and squid and crabs and shells and barnacles and no I can't. It can sometimes be too much and I begin to feel queasy.

However I am a strong advocate of trying new things and not to judge things before you've tried them. Not wanting to be a hypocrite and thanks to the encouragement of fellow bloggers, I dived in (accidental pun lol) and tasted more types of seafood in one sitting than I feel I have in my whole 18 years. Another post is coming detailing my phobia as it is an important part of my life but for now all you need to know is I did try everything in the upcoming photos and I liked about 10% of what I tried. But I tried it and that's all that matters! And all the seafood-loving bloggers appreciated the taste, so I'm sure you will love the food here too.

I can however comment on the scallops as I do like a well-cooked scallop. Accompanied by haggis bon bons and a cauliflower puree this starter was a delight to look at and to eat. The other starters included a to-die-for luxurious macaroni cheese which was incredibly moreish as well as carpaccio and a couple of other equally delicious dishes. View the full dinner menu here for all starters.

And now on to the mains! We were served two dishes - one meat and one seafood based. Each dish showcased a taste of what the Spring Summer 2016 has to offer which was a great way for us to be able to try a bit of everything and gave a good overview of the whole menu.

I did try everything on this plate, but that will be covered in my Phobia of Fish post (coming soon...) However what you can see is beautifully cooked sea bass, spiced halibut, langoustine, mussels, crab, squid ink oil, caper potatoes and samphire (my favourite).

Although I am not the biggest meat eater myself, I could definitely appreciate the tenderness and how well-cooked (but not well done!) the meat was. With the chunky triple cooked chips, this plate was gorgeous and I and Hannah cleared our plate. I was also happy to find a charred artichoke hiding underneath the beef rib which was exciting as artichoke is one of my favourite vegetables. Like, ever.

And if you are vegetarian then do not worry - although not as wide a choice, there are a couple of vegetarian options such as the Cheese & Mustard Puff Pastry Roll picture below. The full menu has a vegetarian section so do have a look.

It was great when Chris took us on a little tour of the kitchen where we saw meals being prepared we were about to eat - those are the scallops and haggis bon bons pictured earlier! The photo below reminds me of Masterchef and the hectic panic of serving meals up, however Adelphi's kitchen was much calmer and more organised than seen on TV.

Chris also took us out the back of the kitchen which is next door to the main entrance of the restaurant. The large windows allow customers to see into the kitchen and have a look at where their food is being prepared which I felt created a great welcoming and authentic vibe.

And then came the desserts!

We were again given a little sample of the desserts on offer including Popcorn Pannacotta, Lemon Meringue Pie and Chocolate Mousse Cake with homemade aero-like chocolate which was so indulgent. The chocolate mousse cake with rhubarb flavouring was definitely my favourite, but then anything with chocolate usually gets my vote.

All us bloggers were gifted with a cute branded bag with some of Adelphi's chocolate-tasting fudge to take home (my flatmates loved it).

The Adelphi Kitchen is definitely an eatery I would visit again when in Aberdeen and looking for fine dining. I have no criticism for any of the dishes. It is clear from the menu, presentation and flavours that the staff have a real enthusiasm for the food and service they provide. Chris' great hosting skills were greatly appreciated and this was definitely one of my favourite events I have attended as a blogger. I highly recommend you give The Adelphi Kitchen a visit - it is definitely a gem not to be missed when visiting Aberdeen.

See the full menu here.

Have you ever been to The Adelphi Kitchen? Thinking of paying them a visit soon?


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