Breakfast at CUP in Aberdeen

Known as a hotspot for bloggers in Aberdeen, CUP is a true gem with a wondrous array of often peculiar cakes and artisan teas, reflecting the Alice-in-Wonderland theme of the decor. Having not tried the well known cafe, I decided to make my grand debut a treat for after a hard workout at the gym.

I had been told CUP do a superb breakfast and so got my hopes up for an amazing Eggs Benedict (my favourite breakfast dish). However sadly after my hard workout at the gym there was no Eggs Benedict on the menu (which I cannot find online anywhere). Luckily however there were some appetising choices for breakfast.

I ended up having the closest equivalent to Eggs Benedict I could find which consisted of a toasted muffin, black pudding and bacon topped with a poached egg and a side of delicious chutney. It was a little dry (I would have loved some hollandaise sauce but that's just because I was craving Eggs Benedict) so perhaps a sauce or a little more chutney would have been good.

My friend Sarah had the stunning waffles with a banoffee topping and indulgent cream whilst Kimberley decided on the chunky bread, avocado and bacon dish. However when asking if she could change the bacon for smoked salmon the waitress was very accommodating and told us there would be no extra charge for the salmon which was lovely to hear for us students. The salmon came with a side salad and a spicy dipping sauce which was just a little too hot for any of us to handle for breakfast.

However, as shown, the real star of the show for me was the exuberant iced tea. I decided on the peach and ginger white tea which turned out to be an excellent choice.

The tea is brought brewing in a glass jug with a timer for optimum taste. Once brewed, you pour the hot tea into the ice-filled jug below and you now have a deliciously cold drink. The cute jar with the handle makes the experience even more enjoyable and I really would not be surprised to see this image on Pinterest so keep your eyes out for that.

I think you can see from what my table ordered that CUP has a good variety of options to suit everyone for breakfast. The waffles provide that indulgent sweetness, whilst you can opt for a healthier option such as the smoked salmon, avocado and fresh chunky bread or go a little more meat heavy like me with black pudding and bacon. And of course as seen the iced tea is enough justification for heading down to CUP so head on down there ASAP.

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Mairi x

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