My First University Ball

Somehow I have finished my first year of university. But while I think of how to write about everything I enjoyed without rambling, I thought I'd tell you about my first university ball for now. Last month was a time reminiscent of prom - finding the perfect dress, looking for makeup inspiration on Pinterest, do I go to a hairdresser or just do it myself?! So many difficult life decisions. But for Blues Ball, the sports ball for RGU, I was super excited to attend with the massive group of cheerleaders with whom I have really felt part of a team over first year.

Not wanting to spend fortunes considering the ball ticket was already out of my frugal student budget, I considered wearing my prom dress from last year. However, the desire for shiny new things got the better of me and hence I set about sourcing the cheapest ball dress I could find while still looking fabulous, of course.

After a lot of sadness finding pretty dresses that were either out of my budget or not in my size in the sale, I found this metallic dress (which is still available in the sale!) As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. I was always looking for something a little different; I loved the fabric as well as the knot detailing, bodycon fit and the unusual leg slit. However to my dismay, the dress was not in stock in my size.

I cried.

Well, not quite. But with the ball in just two weeks I was beginning to get a little worried. I sat for a good three days with the tab open, refreshing and refreshing, over and over, in hopes that my size would be restocked. I gave up hope.

Then, one day during a not so exciting lecture, I decided to try just one last time. And a miracle happened. The dress was back in stock - in my size! Thanking whoever in the world decided to return the dress (as it was a sale item), I furiously started tapping my phone screen and successfully bought the dress in my lecture. That was a good day. Oh, and luckily, it fit.

For shoes, I was a little unsure what would go with my metallic dress. Remembering spotting these heels in the New Look sale before Christmas however, and at the time wondering what on earth you would wear them with, I knew they'd be perfect. Praying they were still in the sale about four months later, I headed off to Bon Accord with fingers crossed.

There were about two pairs left - a size 3 and a size 6. Being a size 7 (I know, I know I have big feet), I decided the six was probably the better option. And since they were open toe, it fit pretty snugly and I survived in them for roughly 10 hours on the day of the ball before I reluctantly had to change into my comfier flats.

The clutch was another issue, but luckily Laura on my course let me borrow her amazing almost holographic bag - which was big enough to fit my size 7 flats in. I really need to get myself some roll up flats.

For makeup and hair, I decided to attempt to DIY something ball-worthy. This was partly due to my horrible experience with my prom makeup artist but also time and money. I had planned to do a trial before the day, but as I can be a bit of a procrastinator that idea didn't happen and so I just winged it about an hour before I had to leave my flat. A bit risky but I think I did a pretty good job. I was super excited to use my Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection (Updated) to create a teal/silver smoky eye for some colour and also to match my shoes. And for hair I used my trusty Babyliss Curling Wand to create a similar look my hairdresser created at prom.

Overall I had a terrific night with all the cheer girls and friends from other sports teams. It was amazing seeing the university's gym hall totally transformed (no photos, please forgive me) and it made me really motivated to continue with the cheerleading team next year. I managed to secure the position of Fundraiser on the Cheerleading Committee so hope to do a great job for the team - if you have any ideas for fundraising do let me know!

If you have the chance to go to a university ball with friends, a society or a sports team I really recommend you attend. I can't wait for next year's.

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