My Sister's Graduation and What I Would Have Worn

Good morning! Tuesday was an incredibly special day, where my parents and I dressed up fancily to celebrate my big sister Helen, also dressed fancily, graduating from Edinburgh University after four years of hard work. Congradulations Helen!

As this was my first graduation, I wasn't quite sure what to expect so thought I'd give you a little insight into the day's events, as well as telling you about my next-day delivery panic and how I used Lyst to find the perfect graduation dress. So, below, you can see what I would have worn on the day.

And again below you can see what I did wear on the day, as the pretty dress above unfortunately arrived while I was inside the Usher Hall for the ceremony - just a tad late.

Helen and I had went on a cute shoe shopping trip to New Look the day before, and aimed to buy comfy but stylish heels that would last us through the whole day as it was looking to be a long one. I picked a khaki brown pair with a chunky heel for comfort, while Helen went for black to go with her classic John Lewis dress.

The actual ceremony itself mainly consisted of countless names being listed with a lot of applause. Graduates were then tapped on the head with a hat, because, why not. To break up the names, we were also treated to a choir and an uplifting speech about the future from the President of Ireland, who had received an Honorary Degree in Law from Edinburgh University. Seeing everyone dressed in robes did remind me of Hogwarts, with all the students cloaked on the floor, whilst the lecturers, professors and university figures sat on stage in fancy chairs and colourful robes.

After the ceremony, lots of family photographs were taken on the rainy steps at the beautiful Usher Hall, followed by a drinks reception where the prosecco was flowing. There were also some fabulous white walls for Instagram-worthy photos like below.

Finally, my parents treated Helen and I to the most amazing dinner at Number One at the Balmoral Hotel. The service was impeccable and the food also did not disappoint in the slightest - specifically the seemingly free dishes inbetween what you select yourself (although I imagine this is included in the price you pay per head). I won't go into too much detail here, but if you'd like to hear more about my experience let me know and I can definitely get a review up. P.S. look at my third dessert below - it was incredible.

And now I get to tell you about my next-day delivery panic. So, I had a vague idea of what I was going to wear in advance, however the day before I decided I didn't like what I had and that it wasn't formal enough. The only answer thus was to risk next-day delivery. As I made this rash decision around 11am, I knew I didn't have long to find the perfect dress. And that's when Lyst came to my rescue.

Lyst is a personal shopper, but online, aiming to bring you "the world of fashion in one place". By liking and favouriting products and brands, it learns what you like and creates a pretty cool personalised online shopping experience all in the one site. I am terrible for having multiple tabs open at once (my record is 50 - yes, 50) so Lyst seems like a good idea for someone like me!

Also, since I was in a rush to find a dress I liked amongst their vast selection, had I been using the site for a while already, I'm sure it would have taken me even less time to find the perfect dress. Luckily when I clicked on one I quite liked, I spotted the dress of my dreams in the Related Products section below. Lyst, you are a life saver.

This cut and style of dress was a new adventure for me, even the sleeves were a little strange to get used to but I really like it. The satin did crease a little as you can see, but it felt so soft and I love the dusky pink colour. I felt incredibly light and pretty in this dress and am glad I tried something out of my comfort zone. Next time I think I might pair it with a super high ponytail to show off the open back detailing a little more.

Sadly Missguided's next day delivery arrived just an hour too late for me, but I am sure I will get a lot of usage from this dress. For formal occasions like graduations such as weddings and family gatherings, but also for drinks with friends and even shopping trips. After this shoot, I went to dinner at Ting Thai Caravan wearing my oversized cosy grey jumper on top of the dress and for a walk at a nearby beach and didn't feel overdressed at all.

I will admit though, my feet were hurting at the end of the graduation, mainly the back of my heels - hence the plasters in the photo. Hopefully this was just from breaking the heels in but we shall see!

Overall, despite not getting to wear the dress I would have liked to, the graduation was an amazing day out spent with my family and I really am so proud of my sister and hope to do as well as her at university! And lessons have been learnt with next day delivery. Hopefully next time I'm looking for that perfect dress, I can use Lyst a little earlier in advance and find what I'm looking for super quickly, as I have now downloaded the app and started liking brands and stores to get the best recommendations for me.

I would also like to give a big shoutout to my great friend and amazing photographer Cera Kamonji for the outfit photos. She is currently looking for freelance photography work, so do get in touch or let me know if you'd like to work with her! You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Have you ever been to a graduation? And what do you think of Lyst, is it something you would use?

This post is sponsored by Lyst, however all text and opinions are my own. See my Disclosure for more info.

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