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Accidentally titled this similarly to that well-known Channel 4 cookery show, but the whole point of this post is about enjoying a break from stress in our lives with no pressure or competition and just chilling with some me-time we all deserve.

I think many of us don't make enough time for what we really love to do. We say we just don't have the time, but then end up doing other things like scrolling through Instagram for an hour before bed or watching Buzzfeed on YouTube endlessly (guilty). I think it can be good to sit down and really think about something you love to do, or used to love, but haven't given time to recently. For me, this was art.
Mairi Lowe, 2011

Art was a big part of my life throughout school, mainly because I chose art as a subject till my final year, but once I stopped classes, I found myself not making any time for recreational art. To do the art I wanted to do, rather than being limited or feeling pressured by deadlines at school. I dabbled a little since then with digital art and a watercolour for my Gran's 99th birthday, but a few nights ago feels like the first time I have really indulged in this hobby of mine since school.

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Recently in life I have been feeling quite overwhelmed, self-conscious and just stressed out really. I can't really pinpoint a cause, I guess it's just something that happens to everyone sometimes. I feel like my life is a little cluttered right now, starting with the state of my messy bedroom. I have also made this worse by trying to get my head around everything and overthinking as I often do. So, art was a little escape for me the other night.

With no teachers, examiners or peers to be constantly looking over my shoulder (I hate showing artwork that's in progress - that's down to the perfectionist in me), I felt really free and unlimited. It was fun and relaxing. And once I realised I didn't need to stress about not being able to find my larger art sketchbook, I discovered I quite enjoyed scribbling on a smaller notebook, as I am very slow and can be impatient with art.

Desssert, Mairi Lowe, 2016 (a few nights ago)

This was a really fun piece to do, and let me experiment with a mixture of media: watercolours, acrylics, oil pastels and my favourite ink graphic 0.3 pen. Sure, there are things I could improve on - isn't there always? But considering I haven't picked up a paintbrush in almost a year, I'm pleased with what my creative freedom produced. Feel free to like it on Instagram <3.

While painting, I listened to some peaceful music and allowed my thoughts to wander where they wanted, trying not to worry or stress. This was art time, this was me time.

In an attempt to try and make some sense of feeling overwhelmed and anxious, I have decided to declutter both my online life and uh, my non-online life? Moving to Barcelona on Tuesday is the starting point for this part of my life - where I'm going to aim to be way more organised, thanks to a new journal technique I want to try (post up soon), as well as not keeping as many belongings and living a more minimalistic life. That's the aim anyway.

I already have a book wishlist (again, up soon) for some inspiration and ideas, and am planning a sort of capsule wardrobe for Barcelona. I know this will not be an easy transition for someone as unorganised and messy as me, but it's something I really think will improve my life and make me happier, so if you do have any advice please get in touch.

I may even start a new Category on the blog for it - go all out, go crazy. I can't wait to share my experiences on organisation and leading a less stressful life with you.

How do you feel about organisation - is it something you have to work at or does it come naturally to you? And what should I name the new category do you think (other than 'miscellaneous')? Any suggestions?

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