How I Felt Wearing a One-piece to the Beach

Something I don't really get the opportunity to do in Scotland is go to the beach. Sure, we do have some gorgeous beaches - my favourites are in the Highlands - Mellon Udrigle is a dream. But it definitely is a different experience than when abroad. An important part of the beach to me is swimming in the sea, and unfortunately the water really is too cold in Edinburgh.

I love being in such a special place of nature where sea, sand and sun combine to create something so beautiful in its simplicity yet so complex and magical with soothing tides, rippling dunes, shimmering shells and salty fresh air. I also love adjectives. I have now been to the beach about a 10 minute walk from my flat in Barcelona - one of the coastal city beaches. However Silvia wanted to show me a quieter beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so we hopped on an hour long train to Sant Pol de Mar.

On the train ride, we passed beach after beach along the coast, eventually reaching Sant Pol de Mar. It reminded me of my childhood holidays in Menorca, in that it seemed a quaint seaside village with white buildings, winding alleys, exotic flowers, hanging greenery and tapas restaurants. And the beach of course.

Whilst wandering aimlessly around Barcelona city centre last weekend, I discovered an Oysho store. Oysho is a swimwear brand I have come across recently but only online, and so to just happen across their physical store was destiny in my opinion. I left a very happy customer with my first one-piece swimsuit since the days of primary school swimming lessons.

Last year in Malta, I only ever wore bikinis. And I guess this is just because it is what is projected and expected as the norm by the majority for when exposing your 'beach body' to the world. However I definitely don't think it should be. I fell in love with the bright print of this swimsuit and pushed myself out of my comfort zone to try wearing a one-piece to the beach to see how I would feel.

Although not a life-changing experience, it was definitely interesting going against the grain of what I have grown up with. I already get stares (and one comment of "woah white") when I head to the beach due to my pale skin and luckily it honestly doesn't bother me. But I thought people may have assumed I wasn't confident with my body and skin colour by covering up in a swimsuit. But that is definitely not the case. I think a lot of people hold the belief that swimsuits cannot be stylish or make you look or feel good. That they should be kept for primary school swimming lessons and for those who want to hide their bodies.

Oysho is one great brand rejecting and disproving this misconception.

I mean, really, just look at that print. And those AMAZING (and yet so so comfy) back straps.

Some of my favourites from Oysho that I really want to buy but am thinking I should save my money for other things like food sadly include these gorgeous pieces:

If you're still a little unsure on a one-piece or trikini, Oysho also have some cheaper pieces in the swimsuit and trikini sale (like the Red Printed Crossover Trikini above) which are just as gorgeous!

One-piece swimsuits do seem to be rising in popularity which I think is great. More brands such as Oysho are producing stylish and on-trend pieces for everyone to feel amazing in. I love now having the choice of what I want to wear at the beach and not feeling pressured into a bikini, and so am a big supporter of the one-piece trend, in addition to my bikinis too.

How would you feel wearing a one-piece swimsuit to the beach? Is it something you'd never think of doing, or not a big deal to you? And what's your favourite piece from Oysho? I love them all haha!

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