July 2016 Mixtape

Music has always been a topic I was unsure of whether to include on my blog or not. I love music. I know everyone says that. But my evidence is that when Spotify released the 2015 stats, it revealed I had listened to 50,000 minutes just on Spotify that year. That's 35 days. THIRTY FIVE DAYS. I am very proud. Is that something to be proud of?

ANYWAY, last year I began posting a monthly playlist and was surprised at how popular those posts were. I can't remember why they stopped, but today I am here to resurrect my monthly playlists. Although "Spotify September 2015 Playlist" isn't the snazziest name. So I'm going to call them mixtapes instead. Because it makes me feel cool and like I know what I'm talking about. And technically, it's sort of the right definition. Sort of. Google never lies.
A compilation of favorite pieces of music, typically by different artists, recorded onto a cassette tape or other medium by an individual. - Google

I am aiming to have 20-30 songs in each playlist, around one for each day of the month. This limit is hard for me as usually my playlists expand to over 100. Come back for each playlist on the 20th.

The music I listen to really reflects what mood I'm in and how I'm feeling about what I'm up to, so interpret what you will from July's offering. Because my music reflects my thoughts and emotions, I feel it is quite a personal and important part of my life. But one I'd like to share with you. Music is such a powerful medium and it regularly boosts my confidence and allows me to see sense and cope with whatever challenges I'm facing. Kind of like my meditation.

Highlights of July include a cover of Panda by Karmin and even some French rap. I don't speak French so have no clue what he's saying - but it's catchy. Trust me.

My July Top 3

  1. wRoNg - ZAYN, Kehlani
  2. Gucci Comin' Home - BIA
  3. Teenage Craze - KLOE

July 2016 Mixtape

What have you been listening to in July and what do you think of my taste haha? Also, are you interested in what I listen to or not? Appreciate all feedback <3

P.S. please feel free to follow me on Spotify for more of my music outwith monthly mixtapes. Would love to have you and hear your opinions!

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