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Hola amigos!

So if you didn't know, I am now away in Barcelona on my internship with Silvia from Chouchou until the end of September. I am so excited to get stuck in and share with you what I get up to, so here's a little so far...

I am not quite fluent in Spanish (yet), in fact I know about 3 words so uh, straight onto Duolingo after I've written up this post. Anyway, despite not knowing the language, I am loving Barcelona! Thought I'd give you a little photo diary of my journey so far and of my first full day - it's been HOT HOT HOT compared to Edinburgh; I have enjoyed some tapas, working in the studio with Silvia and even made it to LIDL to buy food without getting lost! Go me.

Tuesday July 12th

Unfortunately my flight was delayed by an hour and a half, but I strangely enjoyed the journey. I haven't been on a plane in my while, and I actually quite like flying. I had my journal, coloured pens, popcorn, Galaxy chocolate and my book and I was set to go. The amazing Silvia picked me up from the airport with a fab paper banner - I felt like a celebrity haha.

We then headed straight out for tapas, where it was great to have some authentic dishes and I also enjoyed the many cute dogs passing by us outside. The taxi home showed how massive Barcelona is (and that was just a small part of it) and I was in awe at the architecture, all the balconies and the pretty streets lined with trees and lights.

I don't have any photos of my room yet. That's because when I arrived it was a bit of a mess. I have since swept up all the old cotton buds, dust clumps and pizza box, mopped the tiles and dusted and polished all the surfaces. So quite a noticeable improvement I'd say. It's very small, but it does what I need it to do. I am still unpacking the last few bits and bobs so maybe I'll post a couple of photos here or on Snapchat once I have everything set up and it's looking a little more homely. P.S. you can follow me on Snapchat at mairixlowe.

Wednesday July 13th

Waking up to 22°C did make quite a change from Edinburgh. I gave myself a little lie in as I was pretty tired from travelling, had breakfast (a banana), got dressed and then spent about 15 minutes on Google Maps figuring out where the closest supermarket was. Luckily my flatmate Amber told me there was a LIDL nearby so I headed off with my screenshots of Google Maps on my phone. AND I SURVIVED. So proud of myself. It was nice to see the surrounding neighbourhood and get an idea of the area I'm living in. I picked myself up a fresh pizza baguette from LIDL for lunch as well as lots of fresh vegetables, avocados and pasta for the week ahead.

Afterwards I stripped and cleaned my room but I didn't take any photos of that because really, who wants to look at dirty cotton buds and old pizza boxes. Not me anyway.

And then my day got exciting! After a phone call from Silvia, I worked a little from home and then met Silvia at Mercat dels Encants, a massive market with amazing architecture just a 15 minute walk from my flat.

Yes. that is the ceiling! Something I've never seen before, the reflective gold shelters all the pretty stalls from the sun. The market really is a hub of energy, with tram and metro stops nearby too, it was great to see somewhere so active and busy within the community.

Note: do NOT wear black lace up shoes in 24°C or above if used to Scottish sun. SO HOT.

Silvia and I were browsing all the beautiful fabrics and embellishments on display, and I did spot a lovely copper/rose gold material.

After the market, we headed back to the studio which is just gorgeous. You probably wouldn't expect the beautiful interior from the outside, but I quite like how it's a secret creative space amongst the neighbourhood. Shared by fellow creatives, it's the perfect Pinterest place to get productive work done.

Silvia decided we wanted to photograph and promote the beautiful chocolate brown dress from the Pre-Fall collection, so she asked if I would like to model and see how she uses the Snapchat and Instagram for a shoot like this - of course I said yes!

It was a little strange getting my makeup done and wearing my heels as I am not used to modelling, but it was a lot of fun and was great to get an overview of what goes on behind the scenes. It was also interesting deciding together what to put on the Snapchat and the Instagram. I picked up a new trick from Silvia for Snapchat which I'll be using a lot now I'm sure! I love Snapchat.

You can see videos and more on Chouchou's Snapchat at @chouchoucouture which I'll be sometimes be running soon once I've learnt the ropes!

I was a little nervous when Silvia asked me to step outside for some photographs. For some reason, 7pm is peak time for people to hang around the corner shop opposite the studio, and I did get a fair few stares walking around in heels with makeup and hair done up. But, this industry is all about being bold and I'm glad I did manage to take some good photos without feeling too overwhelmed. Even though modelling is not what I want to do as a career, I think it's good to understand all the workings of the industry and now I can empathise a little with models I guess. So I am happy I got the chance to do something a little different like this and hopefully I'll be more confident next time.

And the next time I'm at a shoot like this but behind the Snapchat, I'll have an idea on how the model is feeling and how to take the best photos and videos thanks to Silvia's guidance. I'm so happy with how our favourite photo turned out!

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A photo posted by C H O U C H O U (@chouchoucouture) on

We finished up at the studio just before 8pm, so I bought a 5L bottle of water and treated myself to some guava juice with dinner. I had a bit of a dilemma working out how to drain a boiling pan of pasta that doesn't have a handle, but my friendly flatmates said they use a tea towel and have been fine, so I somehow survived and didn't burn myself.

It was good to sit down and talk to my flatmates a bit more over dinner. Amber, from the Netherlands, was studying in Barcelona for university, works as a bike tour guide and speaks about 5 languages very very well. Emanuel is from Argentina and works night shifts as a receptionist at a hotel. His English is much better than my Spanish, but we did have to use a few body and wild hand actions to communicate, but it's always nice to live in a friendly environment, even if you have to use Google Translate occasionally. They made me feel so welcome and I'm glad I managed to get this flat.

After dinner, I chatted for a bit and then wrote up this post before conking out from an exhausting hot day. Is 'conking' a real word? Ah well, it is on this blog.

Please do add me on Snapchat @mairixlowe to see what I'm getting up to and also be sure to follow me on Instagram @copperpink for pretty photos!

Any recommendations on what I should get up to in my spare time in Barcelona? Food, shopping, sights to see, parks, beaches are all welcome - I'm a little clueless!

Thank you for joining me on this journey in Barcelona - I don't really get homesick but being abroad for this length of time by myself is something I've never done before so all comments and messages are greatly appreciated <3. Hope you're having a fabulous summer!

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