August 2016 Mixtape

I am very proud that I have managed to publish this on the 20th, as promised in my July 2016 Mixtape post. There have been a few times I have said "post coming next week..." like my non-existent university room tour (I did have a nice pinboard though), however my monthly mixtapes are something I am really enthusiastic about. So do honestly expect one each month. Seriously - they'll be here. I swear.

My August Top 3

  1. Hometown Girl & Working For It - ZHU
    1. If we get technical, these are two songs. However both from the same album, GENERATIONWHY, and WHAT AN ALBUM. Love. Beautiful and amazing. I just love ZHU's signature style ever since I heard Faded. Fangirling brb.
  2. Bacon - Nick Jonas, Ty Dolla $ign
    1. I have recently been having just a little obsession with Ty Dolla $ign (okay quite a big obsession) so this song is perfection. AND THAT BASS!
  3. You Don't Know Love (Cheat Codes Club Mix) - Olly Murs
    1. My Olly Murs fangirling days were a thing of the past, however this remix with my now beloved beats and synths has reignited my love.

So, basically, my top 3 songs are due to fangirling and obsessing. Judge me however you want. I'm happy and belting out all the words and that's all that matters.

UPDATE: One of my favourites, Leikeli47 has just released a new track, Money. So this is now my number one and has been added in. You're welcome.

August 2016 Mixtape

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