August Goals 2016

Hello August!

July has just flown by. I can't believe I have been in Barcelona for now three weeks. It really has got me wondering where the time has gone. Luckily I am still enjoying my time in Spain; my internship is diverse and hence always interesting and I am loving wearing shorts and skirts every day. I recently discovered a group of expats in Barcelona through Facebook and WhatsApp and have met up with a small group of the girls for vegan tapas and drinks and am planning to meet up again soon!

My first few days here I did feel a little isolated and overwhelmed. Understandable since this is my first time living abroad by myself. However thanks to my great boss Silvia, and the group of girls I have now met from all over the world, I am feeling a lot more settled, confident and excited.

This being said, I decided to set myself monthly goals to make the most of my time in Barcelona (as well as a bucketlist of activities, eateries etc. which is in progress). Here's to a fun and fulfilling August!

August Goals 2016

  • Join a gym
    • This was something I had meant to do within the first week of moving to Barcelona, but have simply not got round to it. I have been to Zumba once with Silvia though, so I guess that's a start. But this week, I am going to join a gym and get back into a regular routine. I miss it.
  • Improve my Spanish
    • I really do want to pick up the language but know I could be doing more than I did in July. I have been using my Duolingo app almost daily, but have been encouraged to take a look at BBC Languages in addition for grammar and more in-depth teaching. My goal is to spend at least 15 minutes per day on either Duolingo, BBC Languages or both. Once I feel a little more confident, I may attend a language exchange one night however I still feel too clueless!
  • Be brave
    • Recently I have been feeling a little down and that my mind is my worst enemy. I'm usually a very positive person - an optimist I suppose. However moving to Barcelona was a huge change for me and one I am still adjusting to. I am enjoying my time here, but I want to push myself to try more activities independently and just explore more without stressing out or over-thinking as I tend to do. I want to feel brave and not scared at things I know really aren't that scary!
  • Stay organised
    • Using the Strikethru organisation technique in my new Leuchtturm1917 notebook since moving to Barcelona has definitely helped me feel less stressed and on top of everything. I am still working out how best to adapt the technique for myself to be productive and happy without worrying all the time, however it definitely feels like a step in the right direction and I am looking forward to sharing my experience with you once I feel more settled with it.
  • Go to the beach by myself
    • Something I have been wanting to do since before I booked my flights here. The idea of going to the beach alone does seem a little daunting (see Be brave), but also something I really want to try. Just a little unsure how I would feel leaving my belongings on the sand when I go for a swim (I love swimming in the sea) but maybe I could even hire a locker? Or just not take any valuables. We shall see!

If you have any recommendations on what I should get up to in Barcelona, please do email me or contact me via social media as I'd love to explore every little nook and cranny! If you'd like to keep up with my adventures, be sure to follow me on Instagram where I am aiming to post daily.

What are your goals for August?

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