Learning to Take Your Own Outfit Photos

When I first saw my room in Barcelona, I thought YAS white walls, perfect for outfit photos! Actually, that's a lie, my very first thought was there are dirty cotton buds on the floor and an old pizza box. But that's another blog post.

Since I didn't know anyone in Barcelona before moving, I realised if I wanted to take photos of my summer wardrobe, I was probably going to have to take them myself. So that's why I brought my tripod. Actually, wait, I forgot my tripod. Great start Mairi.

For summer, I love to wear airy and light fabrics. This was particularly important to me for Barcelona, as I am working five days a week in a studio with no air con which tends to be hotter than outside. Which is rather hot. This is why I love this top with it's cooling open back, which also adds interest and a touch of flair. White is one of my favourite colours for summer and these shorts have been part of my summer wardrobe for a fair few years now. And, well, you can never really go wrong with stripes, can you? No, you cannot.

My lovely boss Silvia has offered to take a few photos of my outfit when we are working, but I am there to work and have decided to turn this seemingly disadvantage of not having a photographer on hand into an opportunity to improve taking my own outfit photos. Although my tripod would have been handy for this. Alas, I will adapt.

Additionally, part of the reason I wanted to come to Barcelona was to become more independent. What better way to start tackling this than taking my own photos. Challenge accepted.

Luckily, I am quite skilled when it comes to editing photos, and I'm sure I will improve through more practice (some of those edges are annoyingly a little dodgy). This means I can cut out the bloody mosquito remains on the white walls as well as the mattress I'm standing on and replace it with a pretty, although not very realistic, coloured background. A different style of ootd from pretty leafy streets in Edinburgh, but something to experiment with and make the most of. Maybe one day I'll muster up the courage to take some outdoors(OMG!!) outfit photographs, but until then, I'll always have my mosquito ridden white walls and my GIMP editing software at my disposal.

C'est la vie.

P.S. I can't WAIT to show you my shiny new white dungarees!

  • Top | Internacionale | around £4 in the sale (I think)
  • Shorts | Primark | around £5

  • Any tips for taking your own outfit photographs? I really would love to improve!

    Once I work out the best ways that work for me, a How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos post will be published :)

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