One Weekend in Tamariu, Costa Brava

Lying by the pool, sipping wine on the veranda, playing countless games of ping pong. Not the main activities that come to mind when you think of busy Barcelona. Although I love the hustle and bustle of the city, it was great to have a break last weekend whilst visiting my holidaying family in Tamariu, Costa Brava. Coincidentally travelling to Spain whilst I'm living here; my aunt, uncle and cousins invited me to stay for a couple of nights to which I gratefully and excitedly accepted!

Shoutout to Robert, Melanie, Chris, Clidna, David and Lindsay ✌🏼

let's just ignore my uncle's feet sticking out the side of my head there eh

I arrived on the Friday afternoon, luckily managing to drive up (well, be driven up) with my family who flew into Barcelona airport. Arriving a little too early to get into the villa, we took a wander down to the bay of Tamariu - a stunning and serene space of nature as you can see above. I love the ocean.

For lunch I accidentally ordered a sharing plate of Catalan pa amb tomàquet (crusty tomato bread) with Iberian ham just for me. You know the ham I'm talking about, that ham, we all do 😏. Luckily I was starving so ate most of it myself. Give me pa amb tomàquet and Iberian ham all day, every day.

The rest of Friday was spent cooling off in and by the pool, trying out the beloved ping pong table and for dinner we made use of the beautiful veranda and had a barbecue, while sipping wine under the sunset (and just a few gin and tonics).

The villa was such a dreamy place. Definitely Pinterest-worthy. You may have seen a photo of it on my Snapchat, but unfortunately I forgot to save that photo. So the lesson here is, you should definitely add me on Snapchat right now so you don't miss other important and interesting happenings (@mairixlowe 😘).

Here is a very chilled selfie of me (and a sneaky peek of the villa) after having managed to spend a whole hour stretching and doing yoga on the veranda at about 8am. In such a bliss state the time flew by. Yoga with the morning sun (warm but not hot) is amazing. Unfortunately I don't think the sun has discovered Aberdeen yet so I may have to give outdoors yoga a miss when I return for university.

Saturday was an incredibly chilled out day which was greatly appreciated. By the pool, I began reading a book from my self-confidence/girlboss reading wishlist (post coming soon) called You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. So far, it's quite an eye-opener. It has detailed ideas and feelings I have had but never really understood, and shown that there are lots of people who live happy and successful lives doing what they want - which I think is what I'd like too. I'm just not quite sure what that or those things are yet.

So after spending a deep philosophical day reading by the pool, falling asleep for about an hour and playing some more ping pong and watermelon ball ralley (new Olympic sport for 2020 by the way), everyone showered and glammed up for dinner. I even wore mascara. Pushing the boat out.

It was great to head out with my aunt, uncle and cousins as I don't see them an awful lot at home, despite living in the same city. Christmas reunions are always fun but a summer outing was also fab. The main differences I'd say are more heat and less turkey.

After quite a few games of cards and some 1am yoga poses, we slept off the gin and tonics and I didn't quite manage to get up at 8am for yoga unfortunately. More like 9.30, which is still impressive for me.

After a chilled morning and more deep philosophical reading of my new book; Chris, Clidna, David and I decided to take a coastal walk to a nearby beach. Although we got lost and ended up in non-treaded forest and someone's back garden, the scenery on the way was breathtaking.

The beach itself was a lovely beach, just not my favourite type. The type with big and small pebbles instead of the sand all Brits crave when abroad. Once you found your comfy sunbathing spot you couldn't move for fear of a rock in your back. I did want to swim in the sea but was feeling a little unwell so decided to give it a miss (very rare for me). However it was great to be in such an enclosed space of nature and it really was beautiful. Different from your usual dream beach, but just as or perhaps more charming.

Then I had about an hour bus journey back to Barcelona, and I was feeling relaxed and raring to get back to the busy city working life. That's not to say I wouldn't appreciate another beach day or weekend, but I am still enjoying my internship and can't believe how fast my time here has gone so far. I only have about one month left before I return to Edinburgh and soon after to Aberdeen. One month. That's less than I have been here already! So crazy. There is still so much more I want to see and do in Barcelona, and I know I will never complete my bucketlist, but that just gives me an excuse to visit again another day.

Where would your dream weekend getaway be?

Again, massive thanks to my family for inviting me down for the weekend - I had a blast!

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