So at the time this post is published, I have just arrived at the airport (I'm terrible at directions so this is a great achievement - go me) and am checking in, going through security etc. from Barcelona to Edinburgh.

Where has the time gone! It's honestly crazy how fast my internship with Chouchou has felt. Buuuut I have had the most amazing time, experience and feel so grateful for this opportunity. I am so glad I just went for it and pushed myself out of my comfort zone - personally I have benefited in so many different ways. I will definitely write another more detailed post about what I got up to in the last few weeks (as my blog posts were noticeably lacking) and about how I found the whole experience but if you have any questions in the meantime just leave me a comment! And if you're swithering between taking on an abroad internship like this or not, I say go for it. Trust me.

This month's playlist has a few songs that I now associate with Barcelona, and some have strangely but definitely connected with how I've been feeling. I'll let you interpret that how you like!

My September Top 3

  1. Pony (& Pony) - Ginuwine (& Pretty Sister)
    1. This is the song I associate most strongly with Barcelona. Why? Perhaps not for the reason you're thinking. The studio where I worked looked oddly similar to the workshop in Magic Mike, and then some engineers turned up to work there, with no shirts on. So that's why. Just a little workplace banter. But also an excellent song (and remix by Pretty Sister).
  2. Ketto - Bonobo
    1. An old favourite of mine for when I used to have relaxing baths. Perhaps surprisingly, this song is instrumental. But it's just amazing. It's perfect for when I am feeling stressed out or just want some time to focus, breathe and reflect. I reckon you should give it a chance too.
  3. Cancer - Twenty One Pilots
    1. Have you heard Cancer by My Chemical Romance? Well then, prepare for something pretty mind blowing. You're welcome.

There are too many other amazing songs (in my personal opinion) so a special shoutout to Step Down - CRNKN remix by Elliphant for when I'm feeling down and need a motivational "shit happens" and everything-will-be-okay pep talk; Hurts so Good - Broiler remix by Astrid S for when I need to belt out my emotions and to Suburbia by Kilian & Jo feat. Erik Rapp for just being amazing and so intense.

September 2016 Mixtape

What have you been listening to in September?

September 2016 Mixtape and Goodbye Barcelona!

Imagine if you could click on a post on Instagram, then pinch, zoom and rotate to your heart's content and see the scene outwith the square frame. Admittedly you now can zoom in on Instagram photos, but what if you could zoom out? That would make a great YouTube video - let me note that down.

Perhaps this is the idea of the new Instagram stories - to provide behind the scenes footage of what you have posted on Instagram that day. However, for now, I'd like to explore this idea through a blog post with a few of my favourite recent Instagram images from Barcelona and why they are special to me.

A photo posted by Lifestyle Blogger πŸ’– Mairi (@copperpink) on

This building is the Palau de la MΓΊsica Catalana, a beautiful grand concert hall in Barcelona. This was a weekend where I really wanted to relax. I met up with some guys and girls from the Expats group I have found here for coffee, shopping and then we headed to L'antic Teatre - a secluded beer garden just down the street from Palau de la MΓΊsica Catalana. Feeling dehydrated I had a peach juice (my non-alcoholic summer drink) but I have since returned for an Aperol Spritz which was perfection. Now one of my new favourite alcoholic summer drinks - one of. I also rate a long island ice tea (preferably peach flavoured) and I have been converted into a mojito lover, much to my cinammon-flavoured toothpaste's disgust.

I took this photo during a photoshoot for my work. So behind the camera here is a model lying on the ground posing while a photographer stands above capturing a birds eye view of the beautiful Chouchou designs. This is a lovely square in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, and my heart honestly melted when I heard the cello. Such a pretty sound in such a pretty place. I began to learn the cello when I was in Primary 4 at school, so about 8 years old, and played until I left high school last year - till I was 17. That's a long time. Unfortunately the cello belonged to the school and not to me. And I do miss it. I miss experimenting and the freedom of the cello. I miss the sweet but strong sound of the strings and the notes. That's why I bought a slightly less expensive ukelele. But it's just not the same.

A photo posted by Lifestyle Blogger πŸ’– Mairi (@copperpink) on

This photo is special to me because I didn't know it was being taken. This occurred thanks to my aunt whilst visiting my holidaying family in Tamariu, Costa Brava. Read all about the weekend here. It was lovely to see more of Spain with a weekend getaway in the nicest accommodation I have ever stayed in, with a private pool. Very nice. One of my favourite things about pools and the sea, is the feeling of drying off in the sun afterwards. It's an incredibly serene sensation. I can't remember exactly what I was thinking at this time, but I know it wasn't worrying about how I looked in front of the camera. And that's why I like it.

A photo posted by Lifestyle Blogger πŸ’– Mairi (@copperpink) on

Finally, an uplifting story to finish off. I am a huge believer in always staying positive and believing that good things will happen. So this quotation really spoke to me. When I first moved to Barcelona, I was nervous about going for food by myself because I couldn't speak the language and everything was scary and mysterious and I would be alone. It honestly was so hard for me which may be hard to believe if you know me and my apparent carefree happy personality. But on this day I forced myself to brave lunch alone, and with a little confusion of languages between the waiter and I (who really was so helpful even in Spanish) I successfully ate my lunch, by myself, in front of this quotation. And that's why I decided to Instagram it, as a reminder to stay positive, as I do always try.

What did you think of this style of post? I might try and post some more in future so do let me know what you think! Do you have any interesting stories behind your Instagrams?

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P.S. just changed my blog header - what do you think? New signature coming soon!

Behind the Instagram: Barcelona

Hello there September, where did you come from??

So I guess that's summer officially over then isn't it? Hope you had a blast! However I am still in Barcelona till the 20th, and even though the locals are now wearing jeans during the day and cardis at night, I am always roasting. Fearing my return to Edinburgh to be hit by the inevitable blast of cold once off the plane. My winter wardrobe is currently non-existent.

But I guess I should enjoy the sun while I still can, and that's what I definitely will do.

Photos by Helena Willemijn - follow her on Instagram @yogielena

So: what happened to my goals for August? Well, that's a very good question.
  • Join a gym
    • Lol. I did not join a gym. I started to join the gym - I did get my free 7 day pass and I tried to phone to organise my first trip but no one picked up. And then I just didn't phone again. But I have been doing my daily stretches for preparation for cheerleading at university, so I am looking forward to getting back into the zone once I'm in Aberdeen. Barcelona is just too hot and has too many nice bars, beaches and restaurants for the gym. Que sera sera.
  • Improve my Spanish
    • Well I think that little phrase up there proves my Spanish has improved - by about three words. I definitely can understand people better now, but I have not put in as much time as I could. I guess it's hard since at my work I speak in English, and the group of girls I have made friends with all speak English, oh and my flatmates speak English, so I haven't been forced to speak much Spanish. Me gusta los frijoles however is a good sentence. Google Translate that. You're welcome.
  • Be brave
    • I feel I have been more sociable and just done more stuff in general since setting this goal. Of course there are still lots on my bucketlist but I know it will never be complete - however it does give me an excuse to return in future!
  • Stay organised
    • My Leuchtturm1917 is serving me well. A few days have been missed here and there where I was so busy with work I didn't have time for much else. But, if I ever am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I just whip out my notebook and jot everything down in the Dump, the Vault or the Live List section. Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.
  • Go to the beach by myself
    • Since I am here to work, I haven't been to the beach as much as you would on holiday for example. However I did accidentally go to the beach by myself so I am counting this goal as completed. By accidentally, I mean I went to meet Helena at the beach to do yoga (follow her fab yoga Instagram here!), but I was very early so just lay on the sand reading for about an hour. It was lovely.

So although I technically didn't complete 2 or 3 of my goals, it's important not to beat yourself up about it. Of course I am a little annoyed I haven't been to the gym and I can feel the difference already. And it would have been great to have learnt some more Spanish. However all I can do now is look forward and be excited for the future, knowing I will join the gym again in Aberdeen and that if I choose to return to Barcelona in future to work or live then I can learn Spanish then. No ragrets. What's the point of being negative? Exactly, there is no point. Positivity only please. Hop on my bike of positivity and join me for the ride.

And now, for September. It looks to be a pretty crazy month.

September Goals 2016

  • Make the most of my last three weeks in Barcelona
    • Yes, just three more weeks until I return home. It is honestly so crazy how fast my time here is going. It's been intense and exciting and such a unique experience that I am so grateful for. For the rest of my time here, I want to go all out in regards to work, new places, new people, sightseeing and trying new eateries (and the beach once more would be nice too). Similarly to my August goal of being brave, I really just want to make the most of this amazing experience I have been given.
  • Settle into Aberdeen and university
    • If you didn't know, I am returning home to Edinburgh for about two days before driving up to Aberdeen to start university the week after. I am feeling a little unprepared in regards to decorating my new flat (bedsheets, cutlery, fairy lights etc. - the essentials) however luckily I am living in the city centre so have Oliver Bonas and pretty stores right next door. Although not Barcelona, I am honestly looking forward to starting my course again and seeing all my friends as well as living with Sarah and Biba who I'm sure will make my year unforgettable and absolutely hilarious.
  • Instagram every day
    • I have started to fall in love with Instagram again, and my aim is to post one image every day, usually around 8 or 9am. Be sure to follow me for updates and pretty pictures!
  • Start up the gym again - in Aberdeen
    • lol

How was your August? And what are your goals for September?

September Goals 2016

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