September 2016 Mixtape and Goodbye Barcelona!

So at the time this post is published, I have just arrived at the airport (I'm terrible at directions so this is a great achievement - go me) and am checking in, going through security etc. from Barcelona to Edinburgh.

Where has the time gone! It's honestly crazy how fast my internship with Chouchou has felt. Buuuut I have had the most amazing time, experience and feel so grateful for this opportunity. I am so glad I just went for it and pushed myself out of my comfort zone - personally I have benefited in so many different ways. I will definitely write another more detailed post about what I got up to in the last few weeks (as my blog posts were noticeably lacking) and about how I found the whole experience but if you have any questions in the meantime just leave me a comment! And if you're swithering between taking on an abroad internship like this or not, I say go for it. Trust me.

This month's playlist has a few songs that I now associate with Barcelona, and some have strangely but definitely connected with how I've been feeling. I'll let you interpret that how you like!

My September Top 3

  1. Pony (& Pony) - Ginuwine (& Pretty Sister)
    1. This is the song I associate most strongly with Barcelona. Why? Perhaps not for the reason you're thinking. The studio where I worked looked oddly similar to the workshop in Magic Mike, and then some engineers turned up to work there, with no shirts on. So that's why. Just a little workplace banter. But also an excellent song (and remix by Pretty Sister).
  2. Ketto - Bonobo
    1. An old favourite of mine for when I used to have relaxing baths. Perhaps surprisingly, this song is instrumental. But it's just amazing. It's perfect for when I am feeling stressed out or just want some time to focus, breathe and reflect. I reckon you should give it a chance too.
  3. Cancer - Twenty One Pilots
    1. Have you heard Cancer by My Chemical Romance? Well then, prepare for something pretty mind blowing. You're welcome.

There are too many other amazing songs (in my personal opinion) so a special shoutout to Step Down - CRNKN remix by Elliphant for when I'm feeling down and need a motivational "shit happens" and everything-will-be-okay pep talk; Hurts so Good - Broiler remix by Astrid S for when I need to belt out my emotions and to Suburbia by Kilian & Jo feat. Erik Rapp for just being amazing and so intense.

September 2016 Mixtape

What have you been listening to in September?

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