4 Tips to Find The Cosiest, Softest, Fluffiest Jumper Ever

With every winter comes the annual search for the cosiest, softest, warmest, fluffiest, most dressing-gown or duvet-like jumper or cardigan. And this year I think I have found just that, thanks to Primark.

Photography by Sarah Johnson

The hunt was not easy, but is one I have been perfecting for several years. Below are my four top tips on how you can find your new best friend for winter too.

1. Always Oversize

The number one thing to remember when looking for your cosiest jumper is to always oversize. Some lovely brands help us by titling items online with "oversized". Also look for "ultimate", "chunky" and remember if the item doesn't specify it is oversized, simply buy the next size up like I did with my cardigan from Primark.

2. Touch and Feel

This is of course the best part about hunting down your dream jumper. Allow yourself a whole day (or two) to leisurely float from store to store, seeing, touching, feeling and stroking the fluffiest looking garments. Sadly our eyes can sometimes deceive us and that incredible grey roll-neck jumper may not be as fluffy as you assumed. But keep looking, touching, feeling and stroking and never give up.

Oh, and if you're more of an online shopper or don't have a whole day to spend searching, I recommend first scouring your favourite stores online and then hunting down specific items in-store to then feel, touch and stroke.

3. Read Reviews

If you must buy online, please please please read the reviews. You can of course send the item back, but if there is even one red flag from a customer on the softness of the jumper, then let it go. Sadly we don't have the luxury of touch over the internet yet, but your dream cardy is waiting out there for you with no red flags whatsoever.

4. Embrace the Roll Neck

My favourite soft jumper bought last year features an amazing roll neck. It's like a scarf, but even cosier. That is one thing missing from my cardigan this year, however I sacrificed this for the length and thickness of my gem from Primark. However if you haven't yet tried the roll neck, give it a bash. It's a true game changer.

So now, go forth with these tips and find your cosiest, softest, fluffiest jumper ever, and do let me know when and where you find it.

Where is your go-to for the fluffiest jumpers? Any other tips for finding the one for you?

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