Double Velvet

Velvet has returned for AW16 in many beautiful forms: crushed, dark, bright, all colours of the spectrum, boots, trousers, jackets - the list is endless.

Although I do love how velvet has been interpreted and presented on the catwalk this year, there's always that 8 year old Christmas dress flashback I get from some items. Please say that's not just me? In an attempt to avoid reliving those childhood memories, I have taken to the crushed velvet pieces now on offer on the highstreet. Since we seem to be going crazy for top-to-toe velvet, I thought I'd give double velvet a go. If double denim is a thing, why not double velvet? What do you think?

Photography by Sarah Johnson

Personally, I am loving the velvet trend. One of my favourite parts of shopping in-store over online is feeling the pieces. I touch and stroke any and everything that looks like it could be soft, fluffy or velvet-y. It's a yes from me.

So, are you embracing the return of velvet this winter? And are you brave enough to delve into the scary world of double velvet? Leave a comment and let me know what's your favourite velvet piece for AW16!

Photography by Sarah Johnson

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