Hello Aberdeen

Hello Aberdeen,

It is good to be back. No more sunny Spain for me, back to the 'deen for university and grey skies. Luckily, I'm a big fan of grey.

University seems like a lot of hard work this year, but it's work I am super excited to do. Part of that includes starting a fashion based blog - oh look, here we are already. Please do expect one outfit shoot per week at least until the New Year (and hopefully I'll be able to continue this after my uni project is over!). Three are already shot, are currently being edited and I am feeling so so inspired and motivated to keep it up. Blogging come at me.

Another part of my course involves creating beautiful content for my year's very own glossy physical 3D magazine. Right now I am overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities for my photoshoot for the magazine. If anyone knows any amazing locations or models in Aberdeen, let me know!

Here's how my first two weeks have been so far back in Aberdeen, thanks to Instagram <3.

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Of course, decorating my room was one of, or quite possibly the most exciting part of moving into a new flat. And the bed is the key component. My grey floral sheets from last year have returned, as has my favourite stripy pink duvet, silk pillowcase, fluffy white cushion and cat cushion. However this year we have the greatly appreciated new addition of a copper pink cushion gifted by my lovely friends Danni and Beth. Thanks guys - the room feels complete with this metallic touch. If you fancy a room tour, give me a wee comment.

It's one thing to be good friends with someone, but to live with them challenges and takes your friendship to a whole other level. Luckily my flatmates, Sarah and Biba, seem to be pretty fab so far. My evidence? These delicious cupcakes bought by Sarah for the flat. However Biba now needs to get her act together doesn't she. The pressure is on.

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Annnnd even though I do love my flatmates, it was fantastic to see all my friends from Edinburgh when they came up to visit me for my flat warming. Everyone had a great night out and I truly appreciate the 60 chicken nuggets bought for the flat the next day. You're welcome back any time guys xxx

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And honestly, what would two weeks in Aberdeen be after a whole four months away without a trip to Rev (for a bev?). Usually a loyal to the Panang Chicken Curry, I branched out and sated my newfound obsession for halloumi with the halloumi and chips dish. Crispy, deep fried, oozing chunks of halloumi that taste like perfection. Try it. Now.

Cheer is already a huge part of my uni year as I have the Fundraiser position in the Committee. Meeting and teaching all the Freshers so far has been a really rewarding experience and I am so excited for the training and competitions to come.

So, Aberdeen, I must say I am really looking forward to this year. I know it'll be intense and hard going at times, but that's all part of the fun.

See you in my next post for pretty outfit photos (finally)!

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