How to Ace a Last Minute Halloween Costume and Party

University is going great. For once I’m feeling on top of things and organised, my flatmates are fab, I’m loving getting back into cheerleading and I am looking forward to Christmas now it’s chilly outside. Soon it’s my birthday and- oh wait, that means Halloween is first. Crisis.

We’ve all been there. You’re having a blast just loving life whilst 31st October creeps up on you ever so slowly, and then BOO! It’s 2 days before Halloween and you have nothing prepared. You could go as a cat again, but that’s just boring isn’t it. And that party you’ve said “Maybe” to on Facebook really wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t bring some spooky snacks or decorations, would it?

Don’t worry, this is me every year. Luckily I have some tips for you and I this year which I’m sure will win you best dressed and best lad for bringing cake. You’re welcome.

1. Quest for Inspiration

Yes we are cutting it fine with just two days till Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we are restricted to a cat costume. Your top two online places for inspiration are Instagram and Pinterest. Best searches include “Halloween makeup”, “Halloween costume ideas” and then really whatever idea pops into your head plus “makeup” and “costume”. Stick a “makeup tutorial” or a “DIY costume” in there to be more specific.

2. Gathering of Resources

If we were prepared and organised people, we would have bought everything we needed online about a month ago. But we’re not those people and that’s okay. Join me on a trip to Claire’s, the sanctuary of children’s glittery and arm warmer-y dreams and grab anything you can. The other day I managed to make use of their “buy 3 things, get 3 things free” deal, leaving with six fab items: silver hair and body glitter spray, fishnet tights, glitter fake eyelashes, fake blood spray, white powder and glitter eye gel glitters.

That’s a lot of glitter. And that’s why we shop at Claire’s.

Can you guess what my costume is yet?

3. The Outfit

Now you have your makeup and glitter sorted thanks to Claire’s, you need to think about what you are going to wear. You have three options.

1. Wear What You Own

You definitely don’t have to head out and buy a £40 costume if you don’t want to. Sometimes the best costumes come from clothes you already own. Wear a lot of silver? Dress up as a disco ball. Or a sardine. The possibilities are endless. Raid your wardrobe and then raid your friends’ wardrobes – just make sure to wash the fake blood off before you return borrowed items.

2. DIY

It’s time to get creative. Sometimes this can mean simply attaching tassels or other embellishments to clothes with safety pins, and other times this can mean discovering your granny has a mountain of wadding in her shed which would be ideal for a sheep costume. If this is something you struggle with, hunt down your arty friends and beg them for help. You only have two days and if they are a true friend they will do their best to help you however they can.

3. Spend Some Dolla

There is currently a queue outside the two costume shops in Aberdeen for all other last-minute people like ourselves. If you really can’t think of an outfit with technique number 1 and 2, you’ll need about £20 to buy a full outfit. Just make sure to try it on as many are very see-through and incredibly short. Make sure you feel comfortable and try a couple of shops to make sure you get the best price. And head down early to avoid the queues.

4. Fake It Till You Make It

Finally, until we are able to organises our costumes with a month to spare, there’s no reason why anyone should believe you did just whip up that snazzy suit in just two days. Co-op kindly gifted me with a Halloween recipe box, which features some super quick and easy baking ideas to impress. Bring these along to the party for your hosts and gain some brownie points (pun intended) whilst also fooling everyone that you are one seriously organised person who had time to prepare an incredible costume and bake some amazing goodies. Happy baking!

See the recipe for each of these goodies over here!

So what are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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