How to Go Braless With a Scarf

I didn't used to be a scarf person. My love for the long fluffy things started when I found a loop scarf in my two favourite colours to wear - grey and pink. I have since, however,  found more uses for scarves than just looking pretty and keeping you warm. Yes, they are an excellent substitute for a bra.

Most people probably think I chose to wear that lovely scarf to accessorise my outfit or to prevent chills as I do live in the north of Scotland. And although they are partly right, they never know my number one reason (well, until now). I strongly dislike bras. They're restrictive, expensive and uncomfy (and yes, I have been fitted). I don't really need a bra in all honesty, and if nipples were accepted in society I would gladly always go braless and scarf-less. But until that day (#freethenipple) I'll just keeping buying tops that are thick enough to cover my nipps or use my scarf technique which I am happy to share with you all today.

1. The Cover-Up

The simplest way to wear your scarf and the most effective way to mask your nipples. Simply hang it all out - including your scarf. Nobody will ever know.

2. Spice Up Your Life

I am not inventing the wheel here, but it's good to remember that you have choice when going braless with a scarf. Just as we should have the choice to go braless with or without nipples showing whilst feeling comfortable. However, I sadly don't and I know many others feel the same. So remember you can still experiment with 25 ways to wear a scarf and if you think up any more, do let me know.

Tartan Scarf - Primark | Rainbow Scarf - street market in Aberdeen

3. #freethenipple

It is scary, but also quite exhilarating (although it shouldn't be) to step outside knowing and not caring whether your nipples might be seen through your top or not. I would like to do more personally to support the Free the Nipple movement, standing primarily for equality between genders in America (and worldwide). However in the UK I believe the main focus is currently to normalise breasts in public and social media and not in a sexual context. Something which I am more than happy to support.

So once you're feeling a little less nervous after trying out techniques 1 and 2, give number 3 a go and wear your scarf slightly higher up, or get rid of it altogether.

Follow #freethenipple on Instagram for motivation and let me know how you get on with or without a scarf - I'm also trying to feel more comfortable with the idea and in practice!

But how far have I gone?

The closest I have gone to freeing my nipples in public, and hence the nerviest I've felt, was one night where I went out for drinks with friends, wearing a tight dress, no bra and thus a scarf with technique number 1. Then I ended up heading to a nightclub, Hive, and realised it would be way too hot for a scarf. I honestly felt so nervous and considered going home at the thought of my nipples being on show. But then I thought, who cares? I handed my scarf to the cloakroom and danced away, having a great night with my friends and receiving no strange stares or comments.

Hopefully one day nipples and breasts will be normalised in public and on social media and won't be regarded in a sexual context. Ultimately, a post titled "how to go braless" shouldn't be required, but until that day, we need to take baby steps. Let your favourite scarf be your first.

How do you feel about going braless in public?

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