My Favourite Things from 2016

Although I am a big believer of always looking forward, sometimes it can be great to look back at what you have done, what you have achieved and what you are happy about. It is a great reminder of your abilities and friendships and definitely gets me excited for the possibilities for the year ahead.

Here are a few of my favourite things from 2016.

Photos by Helena Willemijn - follow her on Instagram @yogielena

My Summer Internship in Barcelona

I could go on and on about this amazing experience but instead I'll link a few of my favourite blog posts about it below. I would however like to say again another massive thank you to Silvia from Chouchou for giving me this amazing opportunity and believing in me and my abilities. I had an incredibly eye-opening 10 weeks living and working in Barcelona and often it almost doesn't seem real. I can't wait to hopefully be studying abroad in Canada or Denmark next year for university, and possibly taking on other internships or work abroad. I'll just have to wait and see what 2017 brings. But thanks to Barcelona, all the lovely expat girls and guys, my flatmates and of course Silvia and Chouchou, I am more excited than ever about travelling and culture.

Read all my Barcelona blog posts here, or by selecting Barcelona under the Travel category in the sub-menu.

Second Year at University

Luckily I am still thoroughly enjoying studying Fashion Management at Robert Gordon University. I passed first year well and first semester of second year has been fantastic. It is extremely practical which is just what I like. That is, if you exclude the report I should be writing right now and my looming exam which is in January - but apart from that I am loving it.

Being voted in as the Head Fundraiser for the Cheerleading team has also been a great responsibility and I am so excited to start competing next semester with the team in our sparkly purple bows and also to organise more fundraising events like our climb up hill Bennachie.

I have also loved living with two of my closest friends, Sarah and Biba. Thank you for putting up with me and my living habits and to Sarah for the 24/7 invitation for a spoon and a Gilmore Girls sesh. True friendship right there. Also so much love to all my good friends in Aberdeen including on my course and in the cheerleading team - you've made this year amazing! I do hope you enjoyed flat Christmas and my roast potatoes.

Photography by Sarah Johnson

Taking Blogging to the Next Level

Although I sort of gave up on vlogging (lol), I definitely feel my commitment to my blog has improved as well as feeling I have a better sense of which direction I want Copper Pink to head. However I'm still deciding whether to type the name as Copper Pink or copperpink - decisions, decisions.

I have had amazing help from friends (Sarah Johnson and Cera Kamonjito take beautiful photos for outfit posts and create beautiful imagery for my blog. I would like to continue to create editorial pieces like this but perhaps with more of a personal focus. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed overthinking about what I want to do with my life etc. and what part of the world I should try to help, but for now I'm going to just keep doing what makes me happy and what interests me and see where it takes me and the blog. I do hope you'll stick around to see where 2017 takes Copper Pink/copperpink.

And hopefully I'll finally get copperpinkPRINT on the go. Again that's just me overthinking what I want to do with it - follow @copperpinkPRINT on Instagram to keep updated.

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My Close Friends

2016 has been an insightful year regarding who my closest friends really are. There are the people who I may not see for months, but as soon as we meet it's like no time has passed. Especially including my friends in Edinburgh, as I've been away in either Aberdeen or Barcelona, but when I am home I love catching up with everyone. Thank you for always being there for me, I hope you know I'm always there for you too. And a massive thank you to Emily for always letting me try her new sparkly eyeshadows and highlighters.

And to everyone who I have met and laughed with at university, I hope you know I'm always there for you too. It may be cheesy but friends are honestly such an important part of my life. So thank you so much.

The Gym and Yoga

I do like the gym. However, my commitment has been known to fluctuate a little in the past. This year I personally feel has been a big jump for me. Aiming to be at the gym three times a week in addition to my cheerleading training, I almost always met this goal in Aberdeen thanks to the motivation from Biba. Admittedly I haven't been the past two weeks since being home for Christmas. But it's the holidays so I'm going to let those two weeks slide.

What matters is that I am happy with my improvement and I am looking forward to getting back into a routine in Aberdeen alongside my training for cheerleading which is a huge motivation itself. And now I'm off to do my Sun Salutations and stretching - I love stretching.

What have your favourite things been in 2016?

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