Three Winter Wardrobe Essentials with Chouchou

Every year I search for my three winter wardrobe essentials: a super soft and cosy jumper, similarly soft and cosy scarf and a comfortable yet still fab pair of winter boots. And this year has been incredibly good to me.

You may already have read my four tips to find the cosiest, softest, fluffiest jumper ever. This year I found the perfect roll neck jumper - and yes, it's cashmere. So so soft. Paired with my amazing gift from Chouchou after my summer internship and my new black boots from New Look, I think I've found a winning cluster of three of winter wardrobe essentials for 16/17.

Photography by Cera Kamonji | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

1. The Scarf

I do like my scarves, however this year I decided to try out something a little different and a little bolder. Thank you so much to Silvia from Chouchou for gifting me the beautiful Hollyhood Kitty Tartan (£90) after my summer internship in Barcelona. I am so grateful for the opportunity and it somehow almost seems unreal looking at the rain and wind outside just now. At first I wasn't sure if I had the confidence to pull off such a gorgeous stand-out piece during the day, but as soon as I felt the super soft faux fur it just felt so right and I knew this was definitely going to be the start of a beautiful wardrobe friendship.

The accessory is primarily a hood, but also a scarf. I am a huge advocate for multitasking. It creates a whole other layer of interest to my outfit with the faux fur keeping me warm in winter and the flashes of tartan adding a pop of colour and working so so well with my grey jacket. My Hollyhood definitely did turn a few heads and I'm glad to say I honestly did feel so confident wearing it, which is one of Chouchou's aims for each and every piece.

Whether your hood is up with cute kitty ears on show protecting you from the harsh cold and wind of Scotland, or down with faux fur collar on show and glam tartan scarf turning heads, Chouchou's Hollyhoods are a perfect new take on the classic winter scarf and my Hollyhood Kitty Tartan is definitely my new lifelong winter wardrobe essential.

You can check out Chouchou's new collection for AW16 on their website at and follow them on Instagram @chouchoucouture to be the first to know about new products and special offers. I am loving the new Lucy Cape Please.

2. The Jumper

This year I did already find a pretty smashing and also soft and fluffy jumper from Primark, but whilst jacket-hunting in charity shops I simply couldn't resist this hidden gem. Yes, it's cashmere. And yes, it's a roll-neck. And yes, it is super soft, fluffy, warm and cosy. Oh and did I mention it was only £8 and from a charity shop?? It ticks all the boxes and then some more. I couldn't say no.

Originally from M&S, the jumper is a size 10 which I forgot to check as I was too excited about it being cashmere, a roll-neck, super soft, £8 etc. Luckily however it does fit me well except the sleeves which are oddly a little short. But imperfections are what makes us special, and this is a very special jumper to me. Make sure to check out charity shops on your search for the perfect fluffy jumper.

3. The Boots

Em yes, of course that's my Porsche* behind me geez why would anyone doubt that. Pffft.** So, the boots - one of the most important pieces for winter I hope you'll agree. They need to be sturdy, comfortable for every day wear and all that Christmas shopping and also stylish. Black is a good choice, as is brown and sometimes even grey can work. It can't have too big a heel (for me personally) but I still want a little lift. I found these boots after many unsuccessful shopping trips.

There they were, sitting on the shelf in New Look, staring at me from across the room. I eyed them up, the last of their kind, and thought they did look suspiciously like a size seven. My gut told me they were probably a six as I cautiously snaked over to them, flipped the shoe and HUZZAH - they were a size seven! It was fate. I quickly tried them on, bought them and rushed off a happy shopper.

Unfortunately I have managed to scuff the front of one of them (but I think that was my fault on a night out oops), but a sharpie will sort that out no bother. I still adore them.

*This is not my Porsche, just to clear that up,
**Actually, it's not anyone's Porsche, as my friend Callum just told me it's a Maserati GranTurismo Convertible. I tried.

What are your winter wardrobe essentials?

Be sure to visit Chouchou to see the AW16 collection and support my friend Cera K with her photography with the links below.

Photography by Cera Kamonji | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Thank you for reading and I hope you're all ready for Christmas! I know I'm certainly not. 🌚

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