New Year's Resolutions 2017

Oh how strange it feels typing 2017 and not 2016 into that title. The years only get faster as each one comes, don't they? Gosh I feel old saying that. I'm pretty sure 2016 was a mixed year for everyone and I know it definitely was for me. I listed a few of my favourite things from 2016 in my last blog post, but now I want to reflect and see if I achieved the goals I set for myself last January, and make some new Resolutions for this year.

2016 Resolutions

Try Veganism

My aim was never to go full-out vegan, but to try new ingredients and ways of cooking to expand my knowledge and palette. I definitely did achieve this through trial and error. One big error was buckwheat - maybe I didn't rinse it well enough or maybe it's just not for me, but for now it's not. Quinoa, beans, kale, spinach, matcha, sauteed broccoli and courgette and pak choi however - you can all stay. Maybe I'll create a mini student-friendly cookbook with some of my unusual concoctions. Eggy spaghetti for life (totally not vegan though).

By exploring vegan cuisine I have expanded my palette and learnt about new cooking techniques which is always a good thing. Now I'm leading a balanced diet trying to get more fibre and protein into my diet, as I don't eat a lot of meat, by eating all the beans, conquering poaching eggs perfectly every time and making food that honestly does taste nice while still getting my five a day. I absolutely love vegetables.

Get Fit

2016 was definitely my best year in regards to commitment to the gym and my fitness. I had a dry spell in Barcelona and at the end of the year during the Christmas holidays but I am still proud with my progress. I've been lifting more, adding an extra 5 minutes onto my infrequent treadmill sessions (cardio is not my fave), stretching for cheerleading, doing yoga (although not quite as much as I'd like) and having my Fuel green goddess smoothies as a reward. I even started going to Body Pump with my flatmate Biba which is something I now look forward to every Monday. I'm already booked into my class in Aberdeen next week. I'll be back to the gym in Aberdeen and I cannot wait.

Be Confident and Decisive

I'm pretty sure I'm thought of as quite an extroverted confident person by my friends and peers, but there are times when I can get overwhelmed by situations I know I should be able to handle. I have become better in 2016 but I still want to improve - a lot. I often get annoyed at myself because I know I can do these things and there really is nothing to be afraid of - what have I got to lose by just going for it and doing what I want to do? I let fear and other people's judgements get the better of me. Barcelona however definitely helped improve my confidence, although there were a few times I felt knocked down, stressed out and alone. But we all have those down days and hopefully I'll have even less in 2017, believe in myself and just go for it.

Do Stuff

See my favourite things from 2016 for the full story of what I got up to. There is no doubt the two biggest things for me in 2016 were passing my first year of university and of course living and working abroad in Barcelona alone for the first time - ever. I am so grateful to have had these amazing opportunities and I can't wait for many more. I'm so glad I just went for it and didn't let self-doubt, caution or fear of rejection hold me back. If I hadn't applied for that internship I definitely wouldn't have got it, but I did apply and I did get it. And I think that's a simple lesson I do need to remember a lot of the time. I think this year I'd quite like to try sky diving, or compose a piece of electronic music. Who knows.

2017 Resolutions

Be Organised and Productive but Still Creative

Quite a broad goal but that's because it relates to every aspect of my life. I want to stop stressing over the little things. I would like to make deadlines and schedules, stick to them and feel good. I want to write in my new journal every day and use my pretty A6 Leuchtturm1917 notebook to keep me on track. I want to stop procrastinating because I'm scared my work won't be perfect. I know I can do whatever I want and that's what I plan to do in 2017. I want to do lots of creative and fun stuff and I know I can do them well and without rushing and overthinking.


Barcelona, I think you've given me the travel bug. Most of us dream of travelling all over the place and I'm not too sure where I want to go next. But I am applying for Study Abroad for the end of this year, so hopefully I'll be jetting off to Canada or Denmark in September as long as I get good grades (my exam is on the 13th and I should be revising). I'd like to go to a music festival and wear face paint again, maybe Creamfields or Budafest. We shall see. I also fancy the idea of a yoga retreat but am still hesitant on that one. Maybe I'll find a cheap week away at a deserted beach (if a cheap one of them exists) and just paint, do yoga and swim. Now that's the dream. Or maybe I'll drag my boyfriend to the Scottish Highlands and make him climb hills with me - who knows. I'll keep you posted. I just need to earn some money first.

Find Focus and Consistency with My Blog

Of course I still want to experiment, but I would like to figure out the direction Copper Pink is heading in and make the most of it. I want to do something different (don't we all) but most importantly I would like to create beautiful and original content, collaborate with amazing people and inspire everyone to make positive changes in life and always see the bright side. That's the dream - I'm excited to see how it goes.

And of course I want to keep going with previous goals and remember what is important to who I am: staying positive, keeping curious, being kind and supportive of friends and fellow bloggers, trying new things, having fun, staying fit and healthy, being creative, staying sparkly and ambitious, eating eggs benedict and keeping an open mind to everything and everyone.

If things are a little quiet until the 13th, that means I am revising (which is a good thing) and that I'm figuring out how to start off 2017 with a bang for Copper Pink. So don't worry, I'm still here and I'll see you soon.

Happy 2017 everyone, what are your New Year's Resolutions?

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