July 2017 Mixtape and Kesha's Comeback

We've been treated to some top notch bangers recently haven't we? I'm a big believer that music is great meditation, as I am always listening to something no matter where I am or what I'm up to. This month a few song lyrics that used to fly straight over my head have hit home as I can now relate. Which is a pretty incredible feeling which has given me a newfound appreciation for said songs. Hence my July 2017 mixtape.

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I have been going between sad relationship/deep reflective life songs as required by my fluctuating moods and then to another extreme of some true girl boss female empowerment tunes. It's been an odd month to say the least, but one I've definitely grown in. So lets take the positives even when they do seem impossible to find and move forward on that foundation. Fake it til' you make it and onwards and upwards are my current life mottos. And also "I'm a motherfucking woman" - thanks to my fave Kesha for that one (yes she's back and I'm so so excited).

My July Top 3

  • Paradise - MNEK
    • Oh MNEK, my love. His voice and style are just insane - absolutely magical, he gives me chills. And this new track definitely did not disappoint. In Paradise, MNEK describes a fantasy of running away from all of the problems in the world, to this paradise which he later suggests is hidden in our minds. I think this song is definitely open to many interpretations, but to me it speaks about how love helps us cope with the horrible times in our lives and in the world that happen every day, whilst MNEK also provides us with the escape he is describing through the ethereal qualities of the song style itself. A short but incredibly sweet escape that I've had on repeat for days.
  • Bed of Lies - Nicki Minaj
    • I am a big fan of Nicki Minaj for her confident, invincible attitude and bravado-filled bold heavy raps. However, in contrast, this song (which came out in 2014 I know I'm just a bit late) strikes the perfect balance between vulnerability and strength which is something I aspire to in order to let go of the past, forgive others and move on to focus on and better myself. Just google the lyrics and give it a go, trust me.
  • Woman - Kesha
    • At the beginning of July, Kesha dropped her comeback single Praying, the first of her new album "Rainbow" which is coming in August. I have always been a fan of Kesha and used to consider her one of my idols (sort of still do even just for the glitter). She's an incredibly strong person who always strives to help her fans or Animals in any way she can. Her first single Praying actually made me cry (also in the playlist), but the second - Woman - is an incredibly upbeat and in-your-face self-confidence booster. And it came at just the right time for me. Belt your insecurities and self-doubt out and away with this one. Thank you Kesha ❤️

July 2017 Mixtape

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