My 3 Favourite Beaches in Scotland

There is probably nothing more I enjoy than swimming in the sea at a secluded sandy beach - I've had my yearly supply of that thanks to Malta. Although the idea of swimming at a Scottish beach is perhaps a little far-fetched (although possible in my experience), Scotland really does have some beautiful beaches with fantastic views and vibes all over the place. Here are three of my favourites.

1. Mellon Udrigle, Wester Ross, The Highlands

Every year during my school years (as far as I can remember), my family and I made a trip to Wester Ross in the Highlands in the October school break. Admittedly when I was very young I believe I used to complain about the long walks, but as I grew older and looking back I can now appreciate how lucky I was to see the beautiful Scottish scenery each year. One of our favourite beaches on these trips was Mellon Udrigle. It has everything you could want: a vast white sandy shore, a horizon made up of mountains, ragged rocks to climb, smooth stones to skim and grassy banks with sheep. If you have never visited the Highlands, you need to go just for Mellon Udrigle.

2. Gruinard Bay, Wester Ross, The Highlands

Gruinard Bay is another beach from my October break trips to The Highlands with the fam. What I like about this one is how small it seems at first and how small we believed it to be for many years, until we realised there is a much larger stretch of sand just round the corner, towered over by grand sand dunes. Fun fact: I have swam in this sea. And yes it was cold. And yes I was wearing a wet suit.

3. Cramond, outskirts of Edinburgh

For a beach closer to home in Edinburgh, it was a tricky decision between Yellowcraigs and Cramond which are both beautiful. However, Cramond Beach has a lot more memories for me, such as s'mores at sunset and cycling all the way, swimming (or standing in the water up to my knees - same thing) and cycling home again one summer. I actually spend quite a lot of nights walking along Cramond Beach or the river next to it with friends. It's so close to home but so peaceful it often feels like I'm miles away.

Of course, in addition to my top 3, there are many other beaches I love in Scotland. If you'd like to explore any more yourself, which you definitely should, I highly recommend: Yellowcraigs, Firemore, Opinan and Red Point. And if you do fancy planning a road trip up in The Highlands or in Wester Ross, give me a shout for where to stay and what to do. But these beaches are a fab start.

See u soon friends,

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