Yes, it has officially been one week since I made the move to Toronto, Canada for four months for study abroad. I have had such a busy week exploring and discovering Toronto, there has never been a dull moment. Even the late night trip to IKEA after our long flight for bedding and towels was fun - it's all part of the experience.

I have decided to create my own '1 second a day' video project while I'm here, but obviously I can't show you that until I have been here for all the 117 days. So until then, I'm going to be uploading vlogs on my YouTube channel (hopefully weekly!), blogging about what I discover in Canada here on and sharing tidbits (or timbits lol) on my Instagram @copperpink as well. So if you would like to keep up with my journey in Toronto these are the places to look!

I have my induction for my course tomorrow morning, and then classes start next Tuesday. But for the past week I've just been living life, making friends and adventuring - so here's one photo a day from my first week in Toronto.

Tuesday Aug 22nd

One Week into Toronto

Hi friends. I am so excited to tell you I have finally moved to Toronto, Canada. I feel like I've been waiting for ages just counting down the days and now I am actually here I still can't quite believe it's real. I am living here for four months as part of my university degree with RGU, studying at Humber College. I have about a week to explore and get settled in to Canadian life until classes begin and I cannot wait. Words cannot express how grateful I am feeling right now.

So instead, I made a video.

I shall hopefully be getting better and better at vlogging with each one, which should be with you weekly. If you have any tips or advice for living in Toronto or anywhere I should visit - please let me know!

See u soon friends,

VLOG | Moving to Toronto, Canada

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